Broken and empty what have i left behind

your memory of me soon fades from mind

all my loved ones gather near

yet not a one sheds a tear

was i so cruel to not be missed?

theres the first girl i kissed

why is she here, wheres her mate?

god tell me of my cruel fate

is it to the pits of hell i go

or to the plane of what i know?

a tear drops from her face

please god this is my place

this is not my time die

not when she needs me by her side

i dont care for your plans this life is mine

you can have it back some other time

come on body move, breathe, live

i still have more love to give

Spit out the blood that fills my lungs

there are still more songs to be sung

roll my eyes to see the light

even if it takes all my might

move my arms and beat my heart

me and her must never part

quickly now shes turning away

open my eyes and meet her gaze...

Coughing up blood from my chest

im giving this life my best

im finally up i call her name

her eyes were filled with so much pain

she runs to me i embrace her tight

im not the one dying tonight

i must live on for all im worth

through the best and the worst...

no longer will she have fear

now that i am here...

AKtwitch AKtwitch
18-21, M
Mar 15, 2010