Crisp And New


i've been feeling crisp and new

like a twenty dollar bill

and just like a twenty dollar bill

i know that this wont last

So go ahead,

turn me into your five dollar cup of coffee

a seven dollar sandwhich

and eight bucks in your gas tank

because we both know...

that im not going to be able to take you that far

Truth be told

you'll probably last untill the next bump in my road

because this street

its not paved

I am a collection of potholes knocking off your hubcaps

Theres a reason that i drive on four doughnuts

it's because i like to keep my set-backs miniscule

because if I pop a spare

who the **** cares

i ve got a set of eight in my trunk

so go ahead and lift me up

and change out the bad parts

but before all sales are final you should know

that my heart its blown a head gasket

my mind is warped from the heat

the souls of my feet are broken

my knuckles are cracked and scared

and as i said before...

im not going to be able to take you that far

but if you think that i'm worth the effort

take the for sale sign out of my window

i am yours, for the low low price of a promise

i will hold your hand... tell them... that they were wrong about you

you are special

and i promise that i will not hold it against you

if you choose to go with someone with a little more tread in there tires

a few less chips in their paint

these dents... they're proof that i've been thrown around

Proof that i've come last in every smash up derby that ive entered

but i cant say that i have every really given it my all

but this time... i am willing to try as long as you understand

that there is a good chance, that im gunna overheat

leave you high and dry, underneath the darkness of a moonless sky

because where im from the stars they dont really shine

and our gods they are far from divine

denial its the name of our river

and when we do see the moon...........

we only see a sliver

Just enough to let us know that it's there...


... kind of like me... matter what i will always be here...

... underneath the darkness of a moonless sky...

... with a heart full of dreams...

...and a crisp... new... twenty dollar bill

in my pocket

Trout1986 Trout1986
22-25, M
Mar 15, 2010