My Two Poems.

Here are both of my poems.

Farewell broken doll  and Forgotten.


Farewell broken doll.
So here she is, saying her farewells,
voicing her last thoughts,
the final time she'll dive into her mind.
And for what?
The first time she is to be heard,
recognized as a broken child,
and now she is listened to at last.
And then?
She gasps her last breath,
suddenly her pain is no more,
the memories she stored, forever memories.
And what's left?
The girl who life was lost,
her troubled past now at rest,
here lays the tombstone of the girl.
And here rests the broken doll.
Disturbed to wake, she paces,
the girl now in limbo, trapped on earth,
she wanders but can not pass over.
And for what?
To live another "life", in the pits of hell,
she speaks no more, no whispers heard,
her ghostly figure trapped.
And then?
The girl was set free, from knowing the truth,
her wings sprouted, her halo rose,
she speaks once more, she laughs.
And what's left?
No memories in her parents minds,
her tombstone bare, without flowers,
her lifeless body burred deep.
But the broken doll's now free.


Have you forgottenme already?
Does my life just float into the abyss?
Can you explain why i feel nothing?
I see and hear nothing, no smell at all.
Can this really be the end, forgotten.
Do i even mean anything to anyone?
This isn't a ullusion and im not demented.
I know it's over, my life, my soul.
Have you forgotten me already?
Have i really been gone that long?
Can you explain why this is happening?
Does life itself remember but after it's gone does it forget?
Have i really been forgotten?
Chucked down into the bottum of the pile of useless memories.
I know i don't belond here.
Did i really belong there either?
Should it matter? would you forget if it didn't?
Have you forgtten me already?
Does this abyss i now feel is real?
Can i call myself me if i can't remember myself, am i forgotten?
Is this a trance state i can escape from,but if i didn't would that sway your minds?
Would you still forget me?
Is this it, game over, the end.
I'll be looking back though,
I'll be asking;
Have you forgotten me already?

Thank you for reading through them.

ConfusedKitty ConfusedKitty
18-21, F
Mar 16, 2010