Hopeless Love

Once upon my wildest dreams

Your heart beats once more

And the flowers fall out of the seams

My love comes from the core

Yet the birds still fly silent

The trees grow to the sun

And our hearts stop beating

But the soul still sings

As hope blooms from the everforgotten rose

Treasured past rusted away

By gloomy endless days

Yet the shadows still ring through the silence

Showing the world of our hopeless love

Forgotten be and lived to the fullest

Dreams fly to and fro our minds

Creating a velvet covring to our soft souls

Replaceing dark cluds with the illusion of our sun

But til' death do us part

I will never forget the hope

The hope you kissed upon my broken heart

Sending fireworks of beautiful dreams to my soul

Letting me live again

I love you so

And don't you forget

alyakme alyakme
13-15, F
Mar 16, 2010