The Ballad Of John Wilkes Booth

And now for something completely different!


 The Ballad of John Wilkes Booth

A thespian Booth in a theatre booth

With  an ounce of brass and lead.

He had dood and dogged the deed forsooth

Most splendidly the fiend was dead.


He’d dood the deed for the plot he’d lost

And the pot he tossed in vain

The Green was Red and the Land he bossed

Was a nation burst atwain.


He plow’d his cause in the Land of Will

In the being of Brutus he dwelt

When Abe outgrabe his heart went still

And a terrible rage he felt.


‘Sic semper Tyrannis!’  the thespian cried

As onto the stage he leapt

And as he leapt  a democrat died

But history merely slept.


A bungle, a boggled conspiracy flopped

An incompetent farce played out

A nation lived though a heartbeat stopped

And the knaves were left without.


And he hopped away on the arm of a fool

And his mind was a turmoil whilst fleeing.

He knew of course he’d  been used as a tool

For his incredible lightness of being.

sbeckett sbeckett
61-65, M
Mar 16, 2010