This Love - Unfinished

~Unfinished, one of my rare rhymes. lol)


This love is old and weary,

and wants nothing more than rest.

It's quiet and it suffers,

but wants nothing but the best.

It cut a lock of hair once,

and wrapped up a prayer for you.

It grows back inch by inch now,

but knows that this is true.

Once something fragile broken,

regardless who's to blame.

no matter how much time it has

it never is the same.



TriumphGirl TriumphGirl
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11 Responses Apr 10, 2010

I wouldn't call it unfinished. It's lovely (if sad). You say you don't write much? I feel the same; but we should break out and make use of these writing talents. If you're like me, though, you can't write to order. One day the poem is just there, the next the line is down?

Time cannot unmake all wounds,<br />
Whats broken may never be whole again,<br />
One lock of hair cannot replace another,<br />
Love given once may never be given again.<br />
<br />
Yet some wounds may cure a deeper malaise,<br />
Some things broken remade into forms more beautiful ,<br />
The next lock of hair may carry the prayer that is heard.<br />
And love given twice may garner greater love in return.<br />
<br />
Its not a patch on your lines but I have felt something of what you have described and I learnt that what is important is to accept whats happened and to move on to something more hopeful. What is not acceptable is limbo.<br />
Hope it helps.

Well thank you Prince :)

No, I've never really looked for any. I used to write a LOT but not so much here lately. Seems like I've lost the spirit or words to do it.

Did you ever think of joining a writing site? I used to write on a site called Get Writing. It closed, so I wrote on a site called More Writing. It closed :)

Dont know if there will be a "rest"...I've been stuck on this one for quite a while :(

I love it TG! Can't wait to read the rest :)

I dont really like keeps in a barrier that I'm not comfortable in, you know?

Thank you ST, you continue to be a sweetheart :)

Patience, my friend, is always the best, even though it is so very hard!!! :)

Oh my, TG! I'll bet if you went on you would paint the picture of what is in my heart over my First Love down there. I want so much to run to her, ****** her away from the mess she is in, and build our bond tighter than ever. But the common sense side says "go easy, be patient".