Is It Over?

The pages flip and it's nearing the last chapter

I read frantically looking for a happily ever after.

But I feel like i've reached a dead end

Inevitable it seems like i'm about to lose a friend.


Seconds seem longer, run into hours and days

Suddenly i'm lost, in a desolate, foreign place.

Our friendship was the warm furnace in life's winter

My comfort zone, i was only too eager to enter.


The one thing i cherished is slowly leaving me

You're going. Your silhouette i can barely see.

I can't believe it's over, the world has stopped.

My heart feels shattered, like glass that's been dropped.


I watch determinedly passive as you walk away

Wonder what i'll do without you, for even a day.

But, you've hurt me, far too much and how so!

I'm numb from the pain, wondering if it'll ever go..


I wrote this when i felt like two of my best friends zoned me out and took some things into their own hands. They did somethings, and i still can't understand why. but i've lost all trust. and feel detached. can't go back to where we were. :(

phoenixsurvives phoenixsurvives
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2010

@Queenofargyll: yes, i too find that writing helps me get in touch with myself and helps me move on.. i shall keep writing! :) thank you :)<br />
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@8FOOTDREAD: Thank you :)

wonderful healing poem..