Need Help With The Title -_-

Your tears fall like rain soaking your heart

Until it grows heavy like wet sand

Your words weren’t lies but the distance between

Us was too great for me to know the real you


You wandered, always searching for something true

Yet in my eyes you already had truth in you…

You traded the truth for lies that made you feel alive

And once it left you broken

You held on to anything that passed by

Trying not to be washed away by your pain


Papers scattered on the floor

Wondering how it came to this

I still can’t forget

The day you walked out that door

Your face never once filled with regret

At least not for what you did

But still I can't hate you


Play the same old songs again

Words have become so stale

The meaning has long since dried up

And can no longer reach your heart


When the tears dry and the pain fades

I hope you’ll understand one day

What is truly important in this life

And lift your face up to heaven once more


Maybe one day that light in you will overcome the darkness around it

When that day comes I’ll be waiting for you

But if it should never come

It won't change the things in this heart

Which are impossible to put into words


Now the falling rain washes everything away

Hearts are renewed, burdens are lifted

Only God knows what will grow

In the garden of Tomorrow

boredkiller18 boredkiller18
18-21, F
Apr 18, 2010