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Just A Little Random Something

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....the clock imitating a metronome, the lights are all out, and the room is covered in a dark veil,

Im here alone, sitting in the very fabric of lonliness, typing my soliloqui as we speak,

im checking my email several times a minute, but still nothing from you,

i jump on every board i associate, only to be left in disapointment,

Where are you?

my cries muffled by the screams and sirens of the ruin that this apocalyptic world has become.

where are you.....

protect me.......

or is it too late?

too late to hold me?

to late to tell me im worth the world?

too late.....too late.......

Our fighting so loud that it woke the dead,

you struck me by mistake.....

what did i do wrong?

why is everything my fault........

and then you tell me that im over exagerating,

my body healsbut my soul never recovers........

i cry out for another.........

only for guidance,......... is it too late?

too late for more contact?

too late for what i need?


Umm this is embarrassing i dont know an ending haha....ummmmmmmm well ill post this anyway,

ddmagnum ddmagnum 22-25, M Mar 23, 2010

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