ok... ima do it like this..............

since noone wants to open their eyes
to all the fake *** lies
let me tell the truth
im the best in the booth
and living proof
i take it there anywhere
u dont really wanna go there
ur career is goin no where
and ***** not fair
laughin at these basket cases
they all need a face lift
a new gift
something they can live with
ur a no cause no bars no cars
stop lying
u cant rap stop trying
im such a beast on tracks
but i treaten this like a snack
ive been the best but constantly held back
cause they dont wanna see me take over
since tupac died the games been over
luck of the irish with a double barrel **** a four leaf clover
so when u say ur not feeling me
that **** does not offend me
lame copies
**** so sloppy
couldnt be me if i was ur own copy
copy my verse cause thats the only way u gonna sell
ur career is goin to hell
private jets u aint got it
fance cars u aint got it
big houses u aint got it
but u talk about it
thats why the industry is ******
and the rest of u suck
buy ur cd i wouldnt pay a buck
or attention
sit down boy u need a ryming lesson
i dont do this **** for fun
i do this cause im #1
and tell proven other wise
keep telling ur lies
captain of the murder team
i leave peoples career a murder scene
in the mean while
have a coke and a smile
u lil crack headed child
if i was u and u was me
u couldnt be half the beast
let me tell u what they gonna do
the head guys sit in one room
tell u to lie not tell the truth
then tell u to leave **** stains in the booth
with no room
who ever writes the crapiest **** we gonna put it on u
tell u what to do
how to dress how to write
put ur **** in rotation tell ur fans ****** hate it
but be glad u made it
tell i come around and gun em down
im not askin im taken it
whats the difference between us i aint gotta pretend to fake it
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Sep 9, 2012