Sixteen Bar Freeverse

Forgive me for my rookie foolishness

Ripping through the contents of your show like a tote bag
Like wet paper, similar to my flow on my notepad
I'm such a soul ripper, an indefinite blood bowl sipper
Throwing fire into the trench, I'm such a coal tipper

Don't **** with me because I trip harder than a traveler
Send your *** into the ring with a professional scrapper
Though I'm a clutz, I'm also clutch, don't underestimate my crutch
Giving you a pinky touch seems to be alittle too much

I'm busting through the bamboo sticks and jammed and glued bricks
In the hand of my emeny about to explode in two ticks
When I bring out firearm, I turn into frozen ice
You turn into salt, that's why it's my chozen spice

So stay at the lunch table so you can eat all my words
And ill be at the bank withdrawing more green then some herbs
Open up envolopes and smoke girls like blocks
Cause they were screaming in the paper like murder files in a box
FortyTheRapper FortyTheRapper
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012