texas gota lota rappers that like to battle rap
and im like nah i aint with that
dude u got a problem grab a strap
we can play it how u wanna play it
got prob just say it
im ok with a hit and okayin it
if u hit me ima hit u right back
empty out that clip and im coming right back
i take head shots
cause im from the city of hard knocks
dudes with aks and glocks
wanna be gangsta till the get caught
caught up in a media freenzy
then they wanna friend me
but u werent friendin me when i was at my lowest
yea talk is cheap for those that think they know us
mouth running full of lies
more like u were running to die
and i dont have time for so cal and the ditzy squad
but i can make it a problem no its not a problem at all
still untested foot on the pedal
quicksilver lambo got me surfin so fast
but i'll slow down long enough for u to kiss my ***
then tell u to take ur problem and blow it out ur ***
ur not wanted here try out for the loser cast
have a nice day smell the **** while my pants sag
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Sep 15, 2012