Freestyle # 4

hello world just kick up ur feet and grab u a glass of lemonade, welcome to slumamerica, ladies and gentlemen u are listening to another saintsforever classic

ok hiphop aint dead it just took a nap
so i enter the game with a massive ego
and gave the ***** a slap
fired up that *** ur to tense smoke u some grass
yes i treat the game like i treat my women
gentle at first
yes baby imma outa this earth
ask me where i from i tell u i came from the dirt
hip hop and my mom got together and gave birth
to me a legend by certain decrees
hotter than most by some degrees
can we get together most defiently
look up best in the world next to the defintion
is a pic of me
yes i do i do i do it so well
got the game in a sleeper hold
chevy on cruise control
i dont boast
i just go out and prove im better than most
sippin on some lemonade
right next to my chick in the shade
she was shady at first then we went on a date
i gave her my single she said i would be great
that was enough for me dreams come true dont be late
dont get left at the starting gate
i jumped in hip hop and took her to bed
but im so country i put 26's on my sled
maybe a lambo no a chevy classic insted
but that dont fit the profile
i just jump on another track
and hit that ***** with a smile
she tells me i got style
yea i do i do i do
these mother ******* better make room for me
the last thing u want is me up in ur crawl space
chewing on ur face
i spit it up i dont like the taste
and go back to that place
where the magic was first made
me and my chick my lemonade
me and her forever me and hip hop forever
life will forever be great
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012