Dixie Boy

i was born in the creek bed in a trailer park home
im city bound but country grown
better leave that boy alone
you dont want me dialing up that phone
bunch of red necks shooting up ur home
imma a head case i need a doctor
feeling fly as a helocoptor
u barely breathing took a blow from the dixie mafia
sorry bro couldnt keep them off of ya
the old bull of the woods my daddie planted weed
im high on life never asleep
feedin doped up fiends at 4 in the morning
with a nose bleed u can see the crack in their eyes
blood shot with no sleep
i made the sells yelling in the  back sam get the keys
you dumb ***** i dont cook the ****
i just sell the **** if u talkin ***** better bust a clip
im irish ***** i dont ask i just take the ****
now whistle dixie *****

so i pulled up to the back weed in the bag
with a bottle of jack took a shot then faught off a dude
high on crack he was reaching for what was in my sack
but he didnt know i had that 40 cal stashed on my lap
let off a round shot em in the ***
jumped outa the truck wheres my money at
he aint got it told him the dixie boys be back
then i went home took off my pants and took a nap
got up **** a ***** gave her scarlet fever
she likes pain though so i
beat her *** with a meat cleaver
leave it to beaver to find a bleeder
damn i beat her to hard
grabed a shovel burried her in my hard
**** i need to calm my nerves
but i just hit a kid in a wheel chair
cause the dumb **** was parked on the curve
what tha **** my eyes just hit a blur
like i was there but i wasnt
smoked out by the dirty dozen
or maybe i was buzzin
damn i need a new 9 to 5
chevy ridin dixie boy blaring hank jr
country boy can survive
now whistle dixie *****

saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Dec 1, 2012