Americas Nightmare The Revenge

like a ghost from the grave
they gather around and call his name
the demon shall rise again and fill the world
full of pain and blood stains
hello world i got a story to tell
me basically living in hell
so lonely amoung the trees
that i had to go back to see her bleed
when she cowers down on her knees
begging me not to kill her plse
oh for the world to see
wraped in a bag of tricks
one ****** up *****
with a slit wrist
like why the **** u get blood on my floor
then i got so mad that i ripped out her vocal chords
you see before it was just a dream and she woke up from that
with a scream
that could wake the dead
so i bashed her in the head
with a bat wraped in barb wire
took a knife to her throat like i did her car tire

then i sat alone picked up the phone
called my brother but no one was home
then called the next x on the list
cause after i kill this *****
imma be proud of what i did
so i got smashed mashed the gas
and in a fit of rage got pissed locked her in a cage
then set the stage
for americas worst muder in ten yrs
i can smell her fear the stage is set
im ****** up u aint seen ****** up yet
hold on world theres more
imma butcher this *****
treat her like a voodoo doll with buck knife
break someone heart she will think twice
when im done the world will never be the same
im not done yet i want to play a game
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Dec 6, 2012