Americas Nightmare: The Nightmare Come Trues

on a dark night they call for him
to come back to life
they are asking for jesus christ
but i came for the blood bones and glory
americas nightmare welcome to the story
me and satan together
is a bad combination like a tornado and a hurricane
came together
who the **** ordered the ****** up weather
americas pyscho is back
back on the war path
back for the blood bath
back for the payback
no way i can take it back
**** ***** didnt i tell u not to move
remind me again which victim are u
doesnt matter soon there will be a full moon
and u will be frozen black blue

damn i got so many x-girlfriends its not funny
but **** it mite as well cut u too
why im at it the son of satan back at it
cuttin flows like a knife through bones fantastic
then i thought shes having a baby that means shes a pregnant lady
and to kill her would be crazy oh how u make me
do this **** u crazy lady
**** it imma kill her and the baby too
ill get rid of all of u
cause the one in charge told me too
americas nightmare is full of my x hit list
no one shall be missed
im so ****** up that i ****** the ******* anti christ up
cut his **** off to watch him bleed in a cup
then made satan drick it up
damn right imma sick pup
like the sound of thunder do i have ur attention now
far from it take the name off the list one x ***** down
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
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