ok back to my feet
back in the seat
back to the beat
this my chair
get the **** outa my seat
my anger mangerment said i got issues
said kiss my *** handed her a box of tissues
gave her a goodbye and a **** u
u expect me to be proper with a thank u
the only time i say thank u
is when my middle finger come up
thats me saying ur number one
thats me saying i dont give a ****
12 gage in the back of my pick up truck
u think u out rappin me better pick it up
and this for the ******* and hatters
ill out rap ur favorite rapper in wrapping papper
u dont deserve half the lyrics i gave ya
stupid *****
eat a donkey ****
suck it so hard till it makes u sick
then tell me imma *****
so many ******* to drop bombs on which one do i pick
i do this **** to often
put to many ******* in coffin
and im often just laughing it up
yea ima sick pup
a sick ****
i came to show u thing or two
about middle fingers aim at u
turned up so loud so i dont GOT TO SCREAM AT U
ouch i just bit my lip
but i never gonna bite my tongue
this is my microphone
stay off my bone
i like hoggin it
im water loggin it
mind boggling it
im blogging it
im the king of this cracker ****
i reign supreme in this cracker ****
aint no sense in argueing it
take this **** and chomp on it

day in and day out
u gotta know when to butt in and butt out
but there aint much to talk about
when the top of ur roof goes missing
from the top of ur mouth
ur the best show me clown
lets go round for round
when it comes to battling u dont wanna throw down
but i dont spit versus i spit rounds
i make this ***** bleed all over the ground
lost and cant be found
back on the track
yea im back
gonna **** this track
up so bad u can never have it back
where the **** u been at
imma show u how to really rap
cause half that **** is crap
and rap hasnt been this bad since lilwayne
was claimed to be the best
so easly destroyed its not a contest

saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Dec 15, 2012