Pop Goes The Weasel (Pop Music Diss) (Explicit)

I imagine this with a group, not just me on the track so I shall use person 2 etc but of course I wrote the whole thing.:

*Jack in the box song can be heard*
Ha ha,yo, yo, yo (Shiiit)
Uh yeah, babe, ****
(Whatever happened to music?)
****! (Ha ha)
(Whatever happened to music?)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, **** this ****
(Whatever happened to music?)
Yo, I dunno
Eh, let the kings ride, baby let em ride
Eyo, **** this!
Let's do this **** like...
Can we do this **** like Pac?
(Eyo, my nigga, ****)
Can we do this **** like Pac?
(Yeah, yeah!)
Can we do this ******* **** like PAC?
Hit em up?
(Ride on em)
OK, hey...

My verse:
*clears throat*
This is my message to current pop stars

First off, *****, step the **** back
Return back to the sack of soap boxes, rats (Dirty)
I'm the king of the castle, mongol, you's dirty rascal, bastard
Cause I kicked you the **** off and you didn't deal I gave ya harassment and hassle
Quitter, bitter, you lost but I got paid, **** the cost
I step up, complain, I'm deranged, loose as ****, and I'm off (Woooooh!)
The..? Nah, my ******* chain, conjoined
Gotta reaction the fraction cut into two costs of what the **** I caused damage (To)
Psycho, psych I'm stalking you, prey so pray today aint your day to be up in the seat
The hot seat, piercing blinding hot light burns an imprint of my distaste (Interrogation)
To my dismay, say, lay down, take it like a ***** you are
Kick your *** while you down? *****, I'm the reason you down, mutt
(Girl): "But?" But, but, but nothing, shut your hole but keep stuffing
Your face, safe to be around me, cause I won't utter a sound see
On your appearance, **** your insecurity, does it look like I give a ****?
All I'm gonna say is a saw some dieting tips and some knives on clearance (Girl power!)

Chorus: (x2)
Pop the weasel!
Weaseling your way
Pop the weasel!
At every turn on the radio
Let's cap the weasel
Silence this ************
Grab the diesel!
Let's light this industry up!

2nd person's Verse:
Change the station and let's **** this situation up
Too soft, these celebrities make me sick
Goody *** two shoes losers, the kind that bite their lips
They do, they bite their tongue too
Never say **** that they could, would and should do
Always on some modesty kick simultaneously while being conceited (Beiber)
Clean *** *************, with the taste of soap in their mouths and changed they diction
I told my mother '**** you, *****" and bottled a whole bottle of Dawn and then ****** er
In the *** an these timid celebrities can't even say *** in they songs, ****?
****, just try and silence my speech, try to clean my mouth
*****, suck a ****, ******, see flies, that's bullshit and it a mound
View my **** finger up and spot me through the cloud of green weed
Aint you singers know how to swear? Nah, you don't you couldn't, finger
I aint see carnage nowhere so I'mma have to put my foot in
This industry's *** and kick this ************ clear out
And morph the ************ from the plains low and dull to high elevated on the grass

3rd person's verse:
I could be these kids rolemodel but they parents argue and accuse I'm a bad role model
But **** that, I'mma take this offensive **** to the full throttle, fast on your ***
I'm Swift and quick but my words aint gotta be Taylor's, **** "love" or tailored
All this **** you hearin' I wrote so save it
And I aint a slave to auto-tune either
****, that couldn't be what I think, you call that country, *****?
My life is sad, eh and you better cause you rich off singing crush songs to these kids?
All I'm ever gonna be is jealous of you? You delirious
Damn right I like to drink but I aint gonna be in the bar all night
Talkin' about how you can't sing
guess all I'm ever gonna be is mean, don't forget obscene, I'm just a big bully
You can sing but not a ******* thing you have em write is thought provoking or interesting
What are you, 6? That's how old your fans are, that's how you like to live?
Hold on, lemme reminisce....I remember the first time I had the displeasure of hearing this
On the radio talkin' bout how you in love
Shove it up your *** was my initial reaction cause I couldn't give a ****, hun
Get along, get away from me
Get the **** away from me
Sounds each time lyrically you're in high school
Subject matter always on **** like "nerds vs. cool" singing songs about your latest crush When you 23 and I doubt you ever been ******
First comes the obsessive teenage bullshit, the break up song's always next
Jesus, in the first place who the **** would date you, *****?
You're never getting back together like I give a ****, ****
You knew he was trouble from the start? THEN WHY NOT RUN?
This is anthem's for innocent children dating, you're polluting the radio
Shut the **** up (Calm down)

Chorus: (x2)
Pop the weasel!
Weaseling your way
Pop the weasel!
At every turn on the radio
Let's cap the weasel
Silence this ************
Grab the diesel!
Let's light this industry up!

4th Person's Verse:
These kids be ******* on me and **** whining about how hard it is to live
Their lives are cake, but instead of eating and relishing it
Their youth taste they paranoid like it's poison
And voicing opinions where they have no place to be on
Listen kids, suicide IS the ******* answer (I'm just telling that to cease the ******* chatter!)
Self loathing self-harms and ugly *** wanna be flirt charmers way too widespread
Girls on some **** of insecurity about weight, all flaws in their head
Wanna kill themselves every time they ******* ate
So they seek out their savior, these "next Beatles" faggots
Who tell em all they beautiful, can't you hear me gagging?
Regurgitating, I don't see this optimism bullshit ever ******* fading
One Direction, but aint none of them got a **** so ****, 1d, 0 d
Add to the fact they can't have none because they are the *******
Focusing on little things, "trying to make their way",
Fans worshiping them like they were religious saved
And all of them so kind, clean minds
****, if I had their power Hell have it's ******* hour
So kids kill yourselves, no one gives a ****
(Ha ha ha)

5th Person's Verse:
Who we got in the rap game, who coming up in fame?
Nicki say "**** hoes" and she monopolizing the game
Pink Friday dropped and so did ***** mouths
They aint never seen a ****** chick who looked like a clown
Minaj I first hoped was a mirage or figment but turns out she lives
Fibs, fake and snake in the grass with the fakest looking **** and ***
Four ******* personas, four way **** of imbeciles and Nicki think she bad
Guess in 96 we still had *******, Biggie's ***** Lil Kim
That's all she is
**** reincarnated
R.I.P. Rap is dead, **** it end
No comprehend, oh, **** the verse in fact **** the song
None of them won't comprehend
Everything is incoherent to them
I'm done

Wait, we forgot to address Biber
(****, I'm drunk. Just lemme handle it!)
Yeah, go!

I thought I saw a putty cat but aint nobody see *****, sad
Bird's the word, **** sherbert
I think I see a Beaver, damn
I see Bieber get my cleaver
Oh ****, she ran!
Ha ha

What the **** kind of verse was that?
**** it, just cut to the chorus

Chorus: (x2)
Pop the weasel!
Weaseling your way
Pop the weasel!
At every turn on the radio
Let's cap the weasel
Silence this ************
Grab the diesel!
Let's light this industry up!

So I guess we should write the diss now.
That was a good warm up

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Jan 16, 2013