Lemonade Freestyle

ok back on it back in the saddle
i came from the creek bed u  gonna need more than a paddle
to get this dog rattled
imma make em stampede like some cattle
damn i must be back on that mtn dew soda
got me feeling like the irish version of yoda
**** off u can
spit verses like a spit can
i do this **** while doing a keg stand
yep my ferrari's a beast my chevys the ****
but i do donuts in a private jet
yea yea roll another blunt do another line of coke
everybody square dance till ur feet are broke
t-e-x-a-s my state
with a kiss my country *** on a license plate
imma hella of a ride a hella of a trip
when speaking on me heres a little tip
dont let ur tongue speak some **** ur *** cant cash
better learn to bite ur lip
cause u dont wanna see the how many time
ur car can actually flip
ill show u a magic trick
i make ur girl disapear in mid air
reapear on the side of my hip
then i take a dip
and i take a sip
cause ive been dippin and sippin
since i knew how to load a clip
all dogs know how to bark very few know how to bite
so when it comes to u ur not worth my time on the mic
but u can get a sound bite
tell me that doesnt sound right
when im put em in the ocean
ur shark bait
for this here great white
get a bite get a bite get a bite
yea imma take a bite
then take another bite
then take another bite
and dude i dont mean to be rude
but u upset my stomach my mama told me
to stay  away from junk food
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013