Our House
By Syko Killaz, OKPunk & Scorpioman84

Scorpioman84 -
Slaying it sprayin it
******* always sayin it
Murder in the house , but we ain't on the run
Strapped up and we shoot for fun
Yo, it ain't my fault you got in the way
**** was shapin up to be a good day
I didn't tell you to stand in the street
But click, click, boom - now you down six feet
Straight up hard and don't give no ****
***** call me a ****, i'll show you what to suck
Drunk as hell, got 10 beers in me
Still cravin that HENNESY
Come on now, what they **** you be on
Acting philosopical like you on walden pond
I'ma make it clear that you just a ***** fake
Sucking on **** like that ***** drake
Clearly, lyrical homice i should be put to death
Smoked out drunk and i contemplate meth
Syko Killaz be runnin this here
Sprayin with bullets tll the area's clear

OKPunk -
Right, ya'll need to fckin know this ain't no fckin game
I don't care what u say cos nothing'll be the same
Syko Killaz takin over this fckin b!tch
Leave u high & dry, lying in a fckin ditch
This is our street and we takin over this fcking joint
Playin no games we getting straight to the fcking point
Listen b!tches, so u wanna come into our way?
Bring it dawg u won't last a mutherfukin day
U be suckin d!cks cos ur a mutherfcking gay
Go home 2 ur fckin qu33r bar, do ur an@1 play
We never give up and we will never back down
Mess with us? U look like a mutherfukin clown
This is our joint and we rule this fcking town
Fck with us? Ull be begging then ull drown
We makimg a statement this sh!t is fcking clear
U wanna stir sh!t? B!tch, get the fck outta here
U Wanna fck with us? Its the last thing ull do
The pain that we bring ya ain't got a fcking clue
My fists on u, i know they'll go all way through
Leave u lying, its the fcking end of you
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Aug 18, 2014