Skorpion back and puttin fire under yo seats...

"At the Office" in the comment section below.
scorpioman84 scorpioman84
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

You niggaz wanna try actin hard
sayin you **** up in this yard
gone come at me with yo toys
i'm a real man, ya'll just boys
what you think you gon do to a real nigga
got my glock aimed wit my finger on da trigga
you think you gon live to see the day
bout to show ya'll i don't ****** play
wanna try be bout it bout it
ima cap yo ***** and u best not ever doubt it
coroner can't give positive IDs
splatter your body parts in the trees
is ya'll thinkin you gon gain some ground
u fake tricks best realize that i'm around
and ain't nothin gonna be like what you'll see
when u come to my hood lookin for me
so yeah, let the hunt be on
i aim, fire, and then you're gone

cuz it's just another day at the office, rollin down the lane
another day at the office, liquored up and insane
another day at the office, real nigga up in here
another day at the office, gonna have to make this clear

Oh what, you didn't catch the point
make me drop my ****** joint
and take out the .38 and put it to yo head
pull the trigga and make you dead
now yo body lyin wit ya homie
shouldn'ta come clownin like you know me
im the debtor, ***** you owe me
if u don't like it then you can blow me
best not forget what i said
before i gots to make more of you red

cuz it's just another day at the office, trippin on that green
another day at the office, tokin at the murder scene
another day at the office, niggas wonder why
that when i step in my office, niggas gotta die

step off hatin if you know what good for you
got plenty of bullets left so i sure hell hope y'do
but i got a feelin you gon get killed by pride
cuz i be high as hell and ain't gonna let you slide
if you think u seen crazy u ain't done meet me yet
fill the whole chamber, this ain't russian roulette
remorseless, i kill you while you prayin
bullet in the dome, cut off what you sayin
don't beg cuz it just won't sell
make me send you straight to hell

So any ************ wanna get bout it..talkin **** like deys a real know your ************ places.
This **** be adventure to ya'll *******. But for me...yo...just another day at the office.