Skorpio of Syko Killaz...solo single in comments
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

yo, i'm tired of this ****....protect and serve my ***....

another nigga dead for walkin in the street

not knowing his maker he'd meet

hangin with his boys and dreams of gettin rich

now he just another ****** in a six foot ditch

rushing on the cops, even if that isn't a lie

you gon tell me he deserved to die

full clip unloaded in him 6 shots and 2 to the dome

guess wasn't enough to put just one in the chrome

justified murder cuz there was perceivable threat

but he ain't even reached for a weapon yet

jaywalkin - yo it might be a crime

a cheap *** ticket and no ******* time

you tellin me there ain't **** else to do

but hassle a nigga who don't follow one rule

yeah you got attacked and got a beat down

cuz you tryin to stop a nigga who won't ****** clown

overstep authority and try to put dude in place

**** you, officer, you just a disgrace

daily beatings, stealing drugs to sell em to yo own benefit

we can get killed for hardly doin ****

we just doing what we do tryin to get paid

the **** we gon do gainst weapons military grade?

land of the free yet can't take do ****

without some ****** law enforcer questionin it

is this how we sposed to live

never get and only have to give

our lives to the system - a system that don't care

yeah i know ain't nothing fair

but this **** right here has gone on too long

time we stand wit our niggas and keep goin strong

and yo, lemme clue you ******* in and give this some pause

you blame our homies for their situation - but you the ****** cause

**** yo badge, **** yo rep and **** yo clout

come at me when i ain't done **** and ima take yo *** out