I Told You.

On this cliff’s edge
I stand to my pledge

Here among the rocks and grass
I await time to pass

I told you I’d be here
In our place with nothing to fear.

I’ve stood here since you went away,
I shouted after you that I’d stay.

You said what we had was through
And I said that your heart was lying to you.

When you walked away from me
I told you where I’d be.

So here I stand
Wondering how far it would be ’till I land.

The wind whispers your name
And I’m sure I’ll never be the same.

Suddenly I hear your laughter through the trees
I turn and immediately feel my heart freeze.

There you are, arm in arm with him,
Your laughter is gone, and you turn grim.

You just look at me
As I lean on our tree.

I let one escape, one single tear.
I smile sickly, I told you I’d be here.
Poet92 Poet92
22-25, M
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nicee .. :)