They Turned Us Away

Forgotten and left behind

Miniscule and paid no mind

A blurry note, set aside

An extra filling for the gap

A decoration no room to add

Outside the circle she stands

Looking from the outside in

Her own the only arms to be embraced with

As the circle, apart, is diminishing

As her dwindling support vanishes away

Along with her future, day by day

But by one sure to stay, she'll be saved

At least one will always shelter he soul

And be her refuge from biting cold

At least one can heal her from abandonment's toll

It's me, I'll lessen the scars of their refuse

From their rejection we'll be each other's rescue

We'll together fight the sorrow their neglect will do

Nothing's left for us, but ourselves alone

We must carve our own niche to call our home

In time we'll be loved and well known

And then their empty crop they'll reap

From wasted seeds they chose to leave

From the uncaring way they chose to be

They chose not to help, and not to care

In the end they'll have right to not one share

Then they will be made aware

They'll understand their crime when they see

Their sad tragedy we struggled transforming to victory

And then, it's them we'll leave

SummerWind18 SummerWind18
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

This is very universal, and I like the way it is written. Bravo!