My Calling

Its my passion to write in this genre.

i want nothing more to do it.

i know many adolescents write SF and the genre is not given the greatest amount of respect in some places, that doesn't matter to me.

i know the hardships SF writers face and i know that if i become one, i will face them too.

but i love writing, i can't imagine living without it. and i have..for a two years i had to stop because i was so busy with school and it was just zapping away everything that made me what i was, until finally i started reading again and it all just came back to me. my passion, my desire never left, but reading finally lifted this dark force that school put around me and allowed me to start writing again..i feel happy, very happy to be writing again, even if it can be difficult and painful, i never want to live without it...

without writing i am truly lost

without writing, i'm no longer alive...

lmpulsive lmpulsive
22-25, M
May 11, 2010