The Sad State Of Progress Part 5

When one is forming a girder from their mind a sense of peace comes about them, a soft humming that is like music comes over them. At least in my experience, i have met several creators like myself and asked to feel and have them describe what comes over them while they create. All but one of them had peaceful feelings and music as i do, maybe i just attract others like myself to myself.
I have to be careful while in the throws of creation, getting carried away can give your enemies something beyond their technological grasp. The secret city has a fleet that has never sailed into space but would easily blow the earth federation out of the water. I personally participated in the crafting of it, most of the weaponry is so advanced only a psion can fire it due to humans having a lack of intuition. The symphony of the vast creation nearly made the secret city known, something akin to when the matriarch herself was found. The scream of the matriarch could be heard across the galaxy, the symphony lucked out as it pulled every psion on the planet into it so none could track the source.
Have you ever wondered what an event of the such meant? I have theorized that the event was noticed by the race watching us from afar, my colleagues think my theory to be a little out there even for me. The making of a linked being consisting of one consciousness, the infusion of spirit on the level of a planet. No one has boarded the craft, the name alone inspires the best and worst in all of us. Are you sure you want to hear the name, its that soul shaking?


Just breathe and take it in, the first thought about it is always the hardest. What was our sin to require atonement, what could possibly be so bad that it requires this?
I haven't had a negative thought about the formation of atonement, i get the sense that i am a sin within myself. I could burn down half of the great metropolis alone with the fury of my sin, it lights my soul into a fire that brings the pain of centuries to the front. In the case your wondering about the great metropolis, it wasn't founded on the grounds of an existing city in the traditional sense. The metropolis was built on a disaster that happened in 2097, they decided that ground owned by any place that was once an independent country would be unfair and the eastern seaboard of America was the closest that humans could agree on.
In 2097 the transatlantic super volcano erupted under the ocean creating an island the size of Ireland near the middle of the atlantic, scientists say the island should be stable for millions of years and no one owned it. The metropolis once was thought to be named but it never mattered in the end, those with an education in two to three thousand years of literature call it atlantis but i prefer to call it Ry'leh. Ry'leh seems to fit as the scientists of the humans say a landmass existed there once but was unstable and sunk into the ocean when the volcano was cold. Maybe the one known as Lovecraft had a great grasp on the the future and a concept of evil that fits the current times.


When you think the name it creeps into your thoughts... What do you think about when confronted by atonement. What reason do you seek atonement for?

Think deep for you only get asked by the great depths of your soul one time....
tamikay tamikay
36-40, F
Mar 13, 2013