The Sad State Of Progress Part 6

I'm sitting here at that cafe again, break time in the unionized world of mediocrity. I was hoping to see the unfortunate loudmouth from before, but alas it seems i was right as i think on the level of the evil i combat. One of his co-workers from before was there alone, i sipped my *tea* as he watched me. What these people call tea is hormonally compromised psionic power enhancing drugs, i burn the chemicals out of my tea using pyrokinesis. This society viewed pyros as above normal humans but below all other psions, pyros had certain physical prowess that the other psions couldn't even touch. They wouldn't test it but as it turns out pyros have bodily cleansing powers. Think of it this way, poison travels at certain temperatures in the body better and worse, the body heals in states of fever. The overall ability is by cooling and heating the body the way a pyro can means purity. Its not surprising to me but to them its surprising, the baptism of fire held in many tribal societies echoes this.

The idea that a smart pyro can't be controlled more than likely scares the governing parties, avoiding telepathic reformation is a must as they can fix mental illness but they can do unspeakable deeds inside your head. A little paranoia was good in her line of work, hiding among the dredges of *civilization*. She learned her lesson in this already, there were only two telepaths she trusted rifling about inside her head, one of them was her friend from the group that found her and the other would die if she was betrayed by him. A special mental trigger was placed by her friend in the troupe, if anyone came anywhere near her free will they would be incinerated instantly and uncaringly. It was a secret of course, if the telepaths in the secret knew about it they would try to break it. They have been trying for centuries to get rid of the one thing in their way from dominating the world of humans, some humans were born with this defense and some had a mind poison that left the telepath in agonizing pain for a month. The lucky ones die of contact, the unlucky ones live with permanent brain tissue loss. The long and short of it was that most telepaths hid a cyanide capsule on their person incase it happened, the secret city had a policy of not liking the loss of old and powerful psions.

Erogastor DeGaso, most honest telepath that ever lived. Born 4013 b.c. and died 1931 a.d. Who is this man you wonder, he was the third telepath i trusted inside my head. He was known throughout history as a few names, Plato, Pline the Elder, he has many more. He was a key member in founding the secret city, a great man and scholar. I sat through many of his classes on history and philosophy, my cynisism you could say was inherited by his fatherly attitude and utter disdain for human destructiveness. I also had the feeling i met him in the previous life before i forgot it all, never talked to me like a stranger even in the beginning. He normally screened the humans he tried to manipulate very well, somehow a poisoner got past the screening process. He got poisoned and the city wouldn't let him die even as his sanity was eaten little by little, he lived as they thought he would but he was a broken husk. They tried sending telepaths in to try and salvage as much information as they could but in the end the old man had a backup plan, he dragged every psion into the debilitating comatose state he was in. One day in 1931 many of his loyal students beat security and i was one of them. I let him enter my mind and we had a meaningful conversation i will not speak of, he neared my free will.

"Lady Ishtar, thank you for this kindness..."

Then it was over in a moment of cold immolation, my mentor was gone from this world.
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What the **** is the main characters name? Lmao.