Penny And The Party (part 2)

Penny and the Party (part 2)

The next morning came with my head in a fog. Did last night happen? Did I dream I ****** my daughter Penny? I dress for work and walk into the kitchen where wife and Penny are eating breakfast. She isn't acting different. Surely I didn't dream this all up. I sit down with my coffee and say my good mornings. Until now nothing has been unusual and then wife turns to me. What do you think of Penny going to that party this weekend? You know the parents better than I do? I can see Penny watching me but I don't dare look her way. 'I see no problem with her going, honey. They are cool people. I would even volunteer to drop her off.' Of course I am thinking maybe I will get lucky on the way.
Penny hops up and hugs me. Thanks Daddy. For the ride and the going to the party. So I wasn't dreaming. Last night happened and I just passed her first test.
The week slowly plods by. Penny acts as though nothing happened. I tried to grope her once and she punched me in the gut. 'Not now' was all she said. Not now?? I could die between when's. I so badly want to see her tiny **** again and her *****. I just want her again.
Saturday arrives and I have my instructions to be ready to leave by 3pm. When Penny walks out she is stunning as usual. Black mini skirt, red low cut blouse black heels. Can't I take her now? We get in the car and head out on our ten minute drive.
As soon as we are out of the drive Penny speaks up. You may think you now have free access to me for sex but that will not be the case. I have been reading and viewing sites of men in panties. You will now consider yourself owned by me at the very least until I am 18yrs old. You will wear what I say. You will do as I say and make sure I have anything I want.

So daddy the simple question is - Do you want my ***** or not? If so we will continue on if not I will start talking to mom. Simple decision really.

I just gasp. Where did this girl come from? What decision? I have no choice but to obey.

I will obey Penny. She smiles and hops out of the car to her party. Pick me up at 11 Daddy. I arrive promptly at 11. She acts normal with no references to any earlier conversations. Home we go with no other comments until Monday at dinner.
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So what does the young Domme have in mind for her 'daddy'? Oh, and when will the Mom get involved as well!?!