Rahab And The Spies In Jericho and How God Punishes for Disobedience


About Rahab, the spies and Jericho

Rahab was a harlot that knew not God in any way personally; but she had great faith in His powers for all that she had heard such as the parting of the waters of the Red Sea and what Israel had done to kings and all the battles they had won. When two spies went into Jericho to scope it because it was going to be conquered by Israel, the woman only knowing they were of the house of Israel hid them from men of Jericho whom sought to kill them because she knew that Israel was going to destroy her city and kill all of the inhabitants. As a result of her faith even though she was a harlot, her and all of her family were spared when the walls of Jericho fell and the whole city was destroyed with all lives slain by Israel. There is one very deep lesson to be learned by just those few words.

When God speaks; we must listen with our hearts or be punished often with death.

When God made possible the victory of Jericho there was a commandment to not touch the accursed thing. In other words God said that I have given you victory with destruction of Jericho; but all of the riches within are mine; therefore don’t take any for your own selves to keep. God even went so far as to say that if anything was taken, Israel’s camp would become accursed; or another good word of Jewish use at that time was “cherem” which means to be excommunicated from God. When God commands the Ten Commandments, humans make their own with their own thoughts on why it’s not necessary to honor and obey God such as the 1st day of the week Sabbath most all use rather that the 7th day as commanded. . . and there will be a great price to pay for turning against God with disobedience.

So what happens next is that one of the men of Israel took of what was accursed for himself and hid it so that no one knew.

Joshua sent some men to view the kingdom of Ai for there next conquer. When Israel attacked thirty and six of their own men were killed and they all fled as their hearts melted and became like water. So Joshua rent his clothes and fell to the earth on his face saying; O Lord God, why has this happened? Have you not always given us victory? And the Lord said unto Joshua, “Get thee up; why are you lying on your face? Then said;” Israel has sinned and they have transgressed my covenant which I commanded them: for they have even taken of the accursed thing, and have also stolen, and they have put it among their own stuff.” [People of God today think what they say is good enough when what’s within their hearts is never hidden from God]

“Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies because they were accursed: neither will I be with you any more, except you destroy the accursed thing from among you.” Joshua 7:12

In other words meaning that until they had put to death the person who had taken of the accursed thing that made himself thereby accursed, and even all the camp of Israel; till this was done the Lord would not be with them to protect and defend them and give them victory against their enemies.

The meaning of this story is that God will have mercy on who believes Him with their hearts as Rahab, whereas men of the house of Israel who knew God but disobeyed Him caused other deaths to innocent and was then stoned to death for his transgression.

This message is for today just as all the words of God with meanings you’re not taught about obedience. Because God is still the same and never changes, and we live within a totally rebellious people who don’t put Christ as their Head for direction while striving to be as a mirrors image to please the Father; uncountable are going to die; and that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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Mar 6, 2010