4 U

i have slide down a rainbow into a pot of gold, i have slept on clouds, flew thru the air on a magic carpet, rode across feilds of gold on a unicorns back, u look at me n saw am crazy, u lock me away in this padded room, am not angry r mad at u, i pity u n everyone else 4 not believing, 4 one day soon i will slip away n go back to my magical world, while u remain here, dont feel sorry 4 me, i feel sorry 4 u 4 not believing.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Ah, sleeping on clouds, sounds soft and dangerous. Hopefully it won't rain. :~) Now I'd like to ride a unicorn. That would be great. That's the best thing about imagination, you can create anything. No padded room needed.