"without You"

Every day is like hell without you
The sun does not brighten up my day when we're apart
The moon does not give me light when I'm alone at night
Even the stars are not sparkling tonight
I don't know why all the things became strange when you left me behind

I feel so weak every time I wake up in the morning without you
You are like a bone in my body that gives support and makes me strong
My brain is preoccupied by our sweet memories we shared
My heart starts to beat so fast and will explode like a bomb
Every second, every minute I'm missing you

When I go to places that we had been before,
I remember you
It reminds our sweet memoirs and laughter
I heard your voice whispering in my ear,
And I thought it was really you but i was wrong
Then my tears start to fall,
realizing you're gone in my life.
ilovered25 ilovered25
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Beautifully written. You'll get past this. Trust me, I've been there many times. But that doesn't make it any easier when you're in its midst.

yea ur absolutely right..it will take time i guess but i know everything happens for a reason:) thank u

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