My Short Story

  this is a story of a dream i had and i thought the dream was so chilling i should write about it.

hope you enjoy :)

I watch the dark clouds rolled over the hills of St. Georges. The wind is strong and snow is hitting the ground and covering everything it touches.
"I wish the summer would come soon!" I said to myself out load watching the snowfall.

My dog-named Nixson wagged his tail beside me looking at me with his  big brown German shepherd eyes. Sometimes I think he can understand me by the way he ***** his head but how can he understand, after all he is only a dog.
I sigh, bored out of my mind.
Knock, knock
Nixson jumped up and started to run to the door barking all the way there.
There was an old woman. She was covered in snow and her eyes were watering from the cold.
I ran to the door and unlocked it to let the old woman in.
She gave me a warm smile and said "Thank you dear, my ah car is in the ditch by-y your home. I was hoping to use your phone call towing?" She said shivering.
"That’s no problem!" I said very happy to help someone out.
"I have a fire going, so it's very warm by the fire place. Why don’t you warm your self while I make you coffee or hot cocoa” I asked.
"Hot cocoa sounds great, thank you kind dear!" she said having some trouble taking of her boots. I went over to help her with her boots.
"Oh thank you again, my body is not as strong as it use to be" She smiles sheepishly.
I smile at her and went to put on the kettle.
She looked around a little and stopped at some family pictures and she picks one up of Chris and I.
"Oh my what a charming young man, is this your husband?” she asked.
"We are not married yet, but we are planning it soon" I told her as I got the cocoa.
"He reminds me of my grandson, very nice young man. I haven't seen him in a long time. I live far away and his job keeps him busy all the time to, but I’m glad he found such a nice young woman" She looked at me with watery eyes.
"Are you okay? Can I get you something?" I asked worriedly.
"No, I am okay" She put the picture back and walks over to the table in the kitchen.
I picked up the phone and handed it to her.
"Would you like marshmallows in your cocoa?" I asked.
"Yes, please dear" She said as she started to dial.
My what a nice woman I thought. There something very beautiful about her but I don't know what.
I made the cocoa and put them on the table. She smiled and put her hand around the cup.
"I haven't had cocoa in a long time" she said.
I smiled and looked out side the storm was worse, my smile began to fade.
"I hope you don't have to go far, this storm is very bad,” I said.
"No dear, not far" she smiled
"So you and Chris are going to get married?" she questioned.
"Yes, in the summer" I smiled dreaming about that day.
"What does he do?" she asked.
"He is a mechanic,” I answered.
"Oh yes, Where?” she asked
"Auto St George's, in town here" I replied.
"Oh, that’s not good" She looked at me scared.
"They are bad people. They don't do there job right” she said with a stern face.
"Oh. Why?” I asked Worried.
"They have a bad reputation for stealing parts and getting in trouble with the law,” she said.
"Well, I will have to tell Chris that. We have had some problems with them too, but we need the money" I told her as I took a deep breath.

"There are many other mechanic jobs you know!" She said.
"Oh yes I know, I was thinking about that lately too. Chris is always saying how he hates the attitude he gets from people there” I sigh and wish to myself he would not come home grumpy again.

We talked about a couple things and laughed a little for 20 minutes.
"Oh, the towing truck is here,” She said getting up quickly.
I looked and saw an old truck in the drive way.
"Well, be careful driving this storm seems to not give at all” I said getting up to show her the door.
"Yes, I will. Thank you for everything and remember what I told you!" She said giving a pat on my back.” You’re a beautiful young woman and it seems you have a kind heart. I am very happy,” she said as she put on her boots.
"That’s very kind to say, drive save you hear" I smile and gave her a handshake. Her hand where like ice and sent shivers up my spine.
"Take care of Chris and tell him I said hi and he is a lucky man too have you,” She said zipping up her jacket.
"Okay, will do" I replied feeling like I was loosing my best friend.
"Bye" She said with a twinkle in her eye

"Bye” I said.
And she was gone.
I felt kind of happy inside and went to the phone to call Chris. I picked up the phone but the line was dead. Oh no I said to my self. At least the old woman got to make her call. I pushed the redial button to see where she called. 999 it said. I looked at it weird. She must have done that by accident thought I myself and I started to clean up around the house.

Finally the storm died just before Chris had to come home from work.
I felt relieved that I would not have to worry so much about him driving home.
I saw the Bell phone people passing to fix the phone lines
I realized Nixson was not by my side as always. I called for him but he did not come. “That’s strange,” I said to myself. I began to search the house and finally I found Nixson in the bedroom.

"Hey boy come here,” I said.
He came slowly looking around. He walks around the whole house before coming to me.
"What’s wrong boy?” I said he came over wagging his tail.
"Silly boy" I said.
Chris finally got home and I was happy. I told him all about this old woman and also I told him he has to get a new job.
Chris said, "Your being a little worried aren't you"
"Yes, Its my job to worry don't you know" I smiled at him and gave him a big kiss.
"Okay I will call my friend that works at the other garage now. Will that make you happy?" He said brushing my hair out of my face.
"Yes it would" I said and gave him a kiss.
He called his friend and it turns out that his friend’s garage needs someone bad.

He called his old boss and said he quit.
I was very happy.
The next day Chris started his new job at his friends.

He called me at work and he was in a much better mood then working at the other place.

They treated him right and he got paid better. I was happy to hear that.

He also said that the company he used to work for got in trouble  today for theft  and fraud. If he was still working there he might  have gone to jail.
He came home that night happy for a change.
Ring, ring the phone rang.

Chris answered the phone.
Chris went from happy to sad. I got up and rubbed his back. I knew there was something wrong.
"My grandma died yesterday. She lost control of her car and hit a tree" he said and started to cry.
"Oh no, the weather was really bad" I said.
"Yes, and she was coming to see me on a surprise visit because she hadn't seen me in so long" He said shaking like a leaf.
"She wanted to meet you. She heard a lot about you" He said and started taking some more on the phone.
I hugged him and continued to rub his back.
When he got off the phone he said the funeral is in two day.

Chris’s mom came over and stayed with us until the funeral. The two days went by slowly and sadly. Finally the day of the funeral came and we went to the funeral.
I saw many of sad and black dressed people and everyone hugged Chris and I.
We walked up to the casket.
My heart sank rate their . Oh my God. It was the old woman that I helped.


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I like it. Good read. Thank you for writing this. Well written.