My Absurd Encounter (a Short Sci-fi Story Ii Have Written)

The first in a collection of absurd short stories
By Carla Campbell

So, I had wondered into his strange situation, not knowing what to expect, no expectations really, just an open mind, and, well, a gullible mind. There seemed to be thousands of them, although the reality was, there were probably only about 50 to 60 (I allow my mind to run away with itself sometimes), and they surrounded me, prodding and poking, hmm-ing and ahh-ing, They studied me for about an hour and left me seated alone in the white room whilst they went to have their ‘discussion’, that’s what they called it, but of course I had no idea what was happening, it seemed much like an inspection, maybe my judgement was coming. Who knew? Who could say?
I started to wander about the room, pacing it sometimes and then stopping, staring at the bright white walls and taking long strides, then pacing again, and continued like this for a while. I thought to myself, hey I like this room, not a lot going on, but a lot to the imagination. I guess. There was a large doctors chair in the middle of the room, it must have been the one I was sitting on previously, as, well, it was the only chair in here, and it was only natural and logical for me to make such assumptions. The chair was large, bigger then need be. It sat facing a wall, another white wall, with a large mirror on it, which I am guessing was a two way mirror, (these men didn’t seem the type to trust me to be left alone, I don’t know what they thought I would do, but I ignored it and continued my observation). Other than the rather large chair, and the equally large mirror, was a table, it was white and very shiny, obviously sterile, (as was the rest of the room), on the table a scalpel was laid out along with other medical instruments, which I didn’t know the names of.
I placed myself back on the large doctors’ chair and waited, shortly after the men in white coats came back, everything went dark. I awoke in a dark room, or space, I wasn’t sure which. I guessed it must have been many hours later. My thoughts were then blocked by a voice, ‘they operated on you’ he said, I told him I knew and that I wasn’t shocked, I was open-minded. He said that they had examined my brain and placed an implant in me, I was now their lab rat. I had no problem with this, I told the kind man, and I would continue my life as normal.
I left that day and never heard from him again, I didn’t ask his name unfortunately. I continued my life, with an open-mind, but took care not to be experimented on again, it didn’t cause me much harm, but I decided to try and stay safe. I met a woman and we married, never had children, we lived a very formal life, never intimate, but happy, as good friends.
They contacted me many years later, asking how my life had been, I told them all was well, they settled for that, and never troubled me again. I’m still not sure what the implant was for, what it did to me, or why they did it. Strange though, I never remembered my dreams. As if I shut down every night. My wife always did say I worked like a machine…
SmittenCherii SmittenCherii
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010