A Warrior's Last Stand

He stood on the edge of oblivion...in front of him darkness...behind him the battle raged on. But for D'Rashah the fighting was over, he was a brave warrior who'd been through endless battles, always victorious.

But his pride had been his undoing, he had begun to believe he was as invincible as his legend said he was. It was only a glancing blow from a sword, but one that slashed across D'Rashah's throat that finally brought the mighty warrior to his knees. The battle was still to be won, but for D'Rashah, his fight was over.

D'Rashah turned one last time to look at his corpse lying on the ground, the blood still pouring out of the gash across his throat. No one had rushed to avenge his death, he would just be another casualty of war, though he hoped his legendary deeds would be sung of in taverns across the land. As he stepped into oblivion, D'Rashah left the battle field behind and disappeared into the darkness.

Andy leaned back in his chair and turned the monitor off, so that was the end of D'Rashah, but tomorrow he would create a new character and once more step into the World of Warcraft and forge a new legend.

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1 Response Sep 28, 2010

holy cow thats real talent. and a real surise ending