The Kidnap *** Warning, Romantic Situations ***

He is getting to the end of a long workday. There are few customers left in the store. He sets about getting loose ends tied up for the day, getting set to close in less than an hour. Brad, his buddy for quite some time comes in “hey man, can I borrow your car for a half hour”? “Sure. Here you go”, he tosses the keys ”be back at closing will ya” he says jokingly. Brad barely exits when the desk phone rings.
He finishes the line if paperwork then answers, It's the warehouse dispatcher. “can you help take a large package out for a customer? Everyone here is tied up” He says “Sure, be right there”.
As he walks to the warehouse door, the events of the morning are still playing out in his head. Normally he has a morning chat with her on the computer. They met online and despite neither of them looking to meet anyone, they fell hard and fast for each other. They faced a few problems though. They lived a great distance apart. This made actually meeting each other a problem that was going to take some time and resolve. The next problem is that they are both still married, miserably. Neither had felt any love or compassion from their spouses in a long may years. Neither had any physical contact in years either. When they started talking to each other, they felt a kindred bond. So many experiences, so many feelings and so much pent up emotions. It was not a physical thing at first, although the photos exchanged were great, they had progressed beyond appearances before seeing each others shots.
They had pet names for each other and had even said those 3 little words many times. The fact of the matter was, they both had spent so much time actually communicating that they were closer than anyone would normally be and in just a few months. They had made long term plans and were working out exit strategies from their marriages. He was mildly concerned that she had not been online this morning. Everything was probably fine, something likely came up or her husband was too close so she couldn't login to the chat program that had become their lifeline. Heck maybe her internet was down or the computer was acting up.
He got to the loading area and the box was huge, fortunately it was light but still bulky. The manager said “it's for the lady in the yellow shirt with the silver car”. “You'll probably have to take the stuff out of the box to fit it all in”. “ ...oh and Phil needs to swap days off with you, so take tomorrow off and come in Thursday instead”. He nods and takes the cart with the box. Not biggie, He has the house to himself for a few days anyway.
He weaves through the warehouse and out to the car loading area. He see's a woman in a yellow blouse and standing by a silver 4 door. He rolls over to her, squinting in the bright sunshine. The woman starts running the last few paces to him. He is taken aback for a moment. When she gets within one pace, re can finally see thorough the glare. It's HER! He is stunned. She grabs him and holds on tight. He drops the cart and holds her, completely lost for words. She feels so right against him. They embrace for several minutes. Finally they pull back and look at each other. Finally not through a computer screen, Not through typed words.
“Wow, I didn't expect to see you for, well months..” he says, still feeling confused. She twirls and gives him a coy look over her shoulder. “Are you disappointed? Should I go back? She asks already knowing the answer. He grabs her and hugs her again. This time with more passion and less bewilderment. He looks back and the whole warehouse crew are watching, smiling. The whole place knew about the 'secret' love. He had been suddenly overwhelmingly happy. They were happy to see it. Happy to see him happy. They also were happy to see that this mystery woman was a beauty too. Curiosity sated they turned back to their jobs, the Foreman looked at him and just waved. Telling him to take the rest of the day off. Before He could even ask a question, another co worker opened the box, it was empty except for his backpack. He took his backpack, feeling very much the centre of a conspiracy. He got into the passenger seat of the silver car. It appeared to be a rental car. She had been planning this for a while it seemed. They chatted idly as she drove them along. She was a little unsure of some of the streets but she did have a specific destination in mind. He was still so amazed that he decided to see how much she had worked out. “So how long have you been planning all this out”? He asked. “Since about a minute after you made me fall in love with you”. “I just had to get some help from your friend Brad with some of the details”. He sat in stunned silence. He had fallen in love with her too. Amazingly fast. She drove on, looked lost for a moment, then recognized a landmark and turned. “um hun, can i help navigate? Where are we going?”. She answers challenging “Never you mind mister. You'll find out.” He sat quietly watching her drive. She was everything the online pictures showed, She was everything the web cam showed too, yet on some intangible level, here in the flesh she was so much more. She kept telling him that he'd be disappointed seeing her in person. He was not. In fact if anything he was pleasantly surprised. She looked even better in person. He reached and touched her soft bare shoulder. She cocked her head to give his hand a squeeze against her shoulder. She rubbed her cheek against his hand. “This is the woman, this is the one that I was always meant to be with” he thought to himself. He placed his hand on her leg just above the knee. She seemed to glow somehow.
He felt so comfortable with her. Here they both were strangers in many ways, yet they were closer than they ever were with their spouses.
She drove on, leaving the built up areas of town. He has no idea where she was taking them. They drove on, eventually she turned on a quiet country lane. He wondered if she just wanted to make out in the car in a secluded area. Fun as that would be, it would be a little disappointing after all the obvious planning. The drive along the lane. After a few kilometres they come to a beautiful little cottage by the ocean. There is a tiny bridge over a pond and the main house is a little set back in the trees. The landscaping alone was impeccable, just the perfect mix, not overgrown but certainly lush. She grabs his pack and telling him to stay there, she puts it in the cottage then comes right back out. She comes back quickly. This had been all planned impeccably. She intertwines her fingers in his and leads him out back of the cottage and out to the beach. They walk in the sand, not saying a word. Just feeling the sea breeze, the sinking sun, the closeness of each other. If this was their last second on earth, it was also the best. You both sit on some driftwood and take you shoes off, he takes off his socks and rolls up his pant legs to the knees. You resume walking with the gentle waves rolling over your feet, The water is cold but the sand is warm. You walk along for a long distance in silent reverie. Just feeling this time together is special. You wander back to the cottage and pickup your shoes and socks. The sun is getting low and the the lights on the path are starting to come on. As you enter the cottage you notice a smell of a delicious meal. Chicken parmigiano is there piping hot, like it was placed there just a few minutes ago. There is a card on the table and a bottle of wine beside it. A single candle light the table She walks over to the stereo and presses play. It plays one the love songs you two has talked about weeks ago. He suspects she has a long list of other ones setup as well. “Before we sit down and eat this intoxicating first meal together, may I ask for this dance my love”? He bows to her. She extends her hand and he takes it. They dance close to the slow music, he twirls her at a part of the song then winds her into his arms. They look in each others eyes and he kisses her. She kisses back, they stop dancing for a moment and just enjoy.
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I loved this, reminds me of the guy i fell in love with online. I've still never met him, but it'd be amazing if he did something like this. Makes me want to talk to him now.

I hope to be meeting the lady from this story, preferrably soon. The distance makes everything difficult. but when you are ln love, you go to great lengths.

That is quite true, i am looking to a specific lady

you know, i'll bet any guy would love to have such a thing happen.

nothing better pehaps than acting it out with that special someone.