The Effect


The afternoon was overcast, not in a dark rainy way, just a high bright cover that kept people from seeing the sun. A slight breeze was blowing, It kept the air on the cooler side, not quite cold enough to need a jacket but on the cool side all the same. Tom was almost to the University of British Columbia hospital parkade, a multilevel parking structure beside the hospital. He was here for another MRI scan of his back. He was suffering from a work injury he had been afflicted with for over 20 years. Tom noticed the strange green light and looked up. A strange meteorite was falling. It seemed very close. He stopped there on the road and watched it fall. It almost seemed to slow before it impacted with a heavy thud. Tom felt the impact through the suspension of the car and a split second later, by the sound. It hit near where some construction equipment nearby. Tom drove over to where the impact took place and stopped right in the road. He got out of the car and walked around the large dump truck and over to the crater. There was a deep pit and in it, a glowing rock. The rock glowed red and at the same time also appeared green. Tom decided to back away in case there was a danger of radiation. He got back in his car just as more traffic showed up and he carried on to the parkade. Taking his ticket and placing it on the dashboard, he searched for a parking spot. Most of the spots were reserved for medical staff. He mused that patients required patience just to get near the hospital. He finally found a spot not too far from the stairs down and he parked. There never seemed to be much room in these parking spots.
Tom got out of the car and he heard the rumbling from one of the dump trucks. It entered the parkade. Tom could not understand why the driver would even try, there was no room for it to fit. The truck came up the ramps of the parkade, knocking several signs and light fixture from the ceiling. A butter flew up to tom and landed on his forearm. Tom tried to examine the bold insect but the truck making all the commotion had his attention. It raced up the ramps smashing anything low hanging from the ceiling. Tom started to feel nervous as the truck got closer. He could not see a driver. Yet the truck was clearly being controlled. Tom noticed the truck slow as it got near. The huge truck came to a stop within seven metres, It's noisy diesel engine echoing in the bare concrete environment of the parkade. Tom was aware of some intelligence that he could not describe coming from the dump truck. He then noticed a slight green glow. The butterfly flew off his arm and the dump truck revved up it's engine ans started to advance. Tom was too far from the safety of the stairs. He ran to the limited cover of one of the vertical pillars. The dump truck veered, barely missing the pillar. Tom swung around the pillar and climbed to the running board, looking inside, he could see there was no driver. The truck angled to smash it's side into the pillar and crush Tom. He realized the danger and climbed up and swung into the dump bucket just a split second before before he would have been crushed. The impact threw him against the inner wall and dazed him momentarily. Tom knew he had to find a safe way out of the back of the truck, and a safe place where the truck could not find him. The truck tore around trying to dislodge him. He occasionally peered over the top of the dump bucket, having to duck his head repeatedly for the low hanging structure. The trucks hydraulics came to life and the bucket started lifting. Tom had to drop down before his hands were crushed. The truck kept driving forward until the lifted bucket snagged on the structure and stopped it suddenly.
Tom held onto the sides of the bucket. The truck was getting desperate to shake him. It started moving forward and back in the limited space. Tom saw his opportunity. The truck backed near the stairwell, then started forward, tom jumped free of the bucket and ran for the stairs. The truck realized what he had done and switched to reverse but Tom made it ti the door and entered the staircase just in time. The glass showered all around him but the structure held. Tom ran down the stairs as fast has he could. The truck was racing to exit the parkade as fast as it could. Tom got to the main floor and ran for the main building. He ran to the entrance with the truck just exiting the parking structure. Tom got inside the main building. He yelled for everyone to take cover. Most just cave him confused looks. He ran to the stairs of the building and down to the underground tunnel that connected to two main buildings. He knew the dump truck could not reach him there. He needed time to think. He tried to catch his breath. He heard the truck ramming the entrance and the distant scream of other patients and staff. After a minute, the smashing stopped. A few people ran past him as he sat in the corridor trying to think. He heard fresh screams and a smaller engine. He instinctively started to run again. Tom managed to duck in a nearby office in time to hear the motorcycle race by, riderless. a slight green glow to it.
Tom worked his way to the next section of the hospital. Trying to avoid the sound of the motorcycle and the screams. The motorcycle raced towards him and he ducked in another office. The bike raced by again. He noticed the connecting office and exited there headed towards the diagnostic imaging lab.
He had to keep zig zagging the corridors, going from office to office. Once he was almost caught by the marauding motorcycle when an office was locked. Tom made it to the MRI room. A patient was in the machine. Tom yelled at the technician to keep the machine going. He pulled the elderly patient out the far side of the narrow tunnel, clear of the powerful magnetic effects of the machine. Tom ran back to the door and whistled loudly. The motorcycle turned and charged towards him. It had a hard time turning in the corridor but when it did, it entered the room. It seemed intent on killing Tom. Tom dove into the the magnetic tunnel and wormed his way along, the motorcycle managed to get it's front wheel up onto the bed, smacking toms leg with the tire, he pulked himself along the narrow passageway. The bike kept trying to get at him, it took one more surge of the engine and got completely up on the bed, then the powerful magnets grabbed the bike and it was pinned against the machine. Tom came out the far side of the tunnel, ran around to the front and pulled the spark plugs wires from the bike, killing it's engine. Tom gasped to catch hi breath, the exhaust fumes from the now dead motorcycle. The technicians in the control room stared in disbelief. The green glow seemed to flow into the MRI machine follow the magnetic fields then dissipate. Tom nodded to the stunned technicians and the switched off the MRI machine. The motorcycle fell harmless to the floor. Tom panted for another minute, then turned to the technicians and asked, “Am I too early for my appointment”?

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Aug 29, 2011