The Night She Came Back

Standing there naked, he shut off the hot tap.
The thought of a hot bath made him feel content. The realities of life would return but for now he would just soak and dream in his steam filled bathroom.The bubbles engulfed him as he lay down. Taking a sip of scotch from his glass, he made a mental note to cut back on his drinking. There was a time when he hardly touched the stuff, now it seemed to have become his constant companion.

He jerked upright as the room was suddenly cast into darkness. "Dam bulb" he muttered to himself as he climbed back out of the tub and walked towards the door dripping water and bubbles as he went. Before he could open the door it swung towards him. "What the" . . . but before he could finish the sentence a finger pushed tight to his lips, almost demanding his silence. The silhouette of a naked woman stood before him.
It was a shape he was familiar with."I thought I told you . . ." Again, the sentence was cut short by her finger. Her finger slowly and deliberately traveled from his lips, down his neck and wet torso. An open palm clenched his buttocks .

The finger on his lips was replaced with the sweet, moist lips of his uninvited guest. He wanted to push her away but knew that kiss so well. It was something he had missed since she left. He had always said that her kisses were out of this world and now he felt powerless as her tongue searched out his.

This wasn't the time for talking, he thought as his hands dropped down around her waist and pulled her closer. His wet body now close enough to make her wet too. He could see her slim shape glistening from the light shining in from the hall. She had always known how to turn him on and he felt angry that he was letting her do it again. His anger only made him kiss harder. Deeper. The talking would have to come later, right now he wanted her.

Without releasing his kiss, he forced her against the bathroom wall and with each of his hands he raised hers above her head. She was now in HIS control and he knew thats just how she liked it. She tilted her head back and arched her whole body in anticipation . She surrendered completely. As she wrapped one of her legs around his wet buttocks he bit into her bottom lip., not enough to draw blood but enough to make her groan in pleasure. He had never fully understood her enjoyment of a little pain with her pleasure, she was such a gentle woman out of the bedroom. Besides, hed come to like it too.

He released his grip on her hands but she left them raised high above her head as if nailed to the wall. Her body now completely wet from his made it easy for his head slip from her mouth slowly down to her breasts. Sucking. kissing. Biting. He ran his fingernails down the outside of her raised arms down to join his mouth as he aroused her nipples . He could feel the goose pimples spreading as he did so. The hairs on her arms stood as erect as he himself was.

With each hand cupping each breast, he moved from one to the other. The biting made her want to lower her arms to stop him but as she did so he released her breasts and grabbed her arms just under the armpit and pushed them high up the wall again. She didn't resist. She never did. Only a token resistance that really meant Do it some more! Slowly he sank to his knees, his firm body gliding over her still arching as he went. She offered no real resistance as he parted her petals with his thumbs and took his first taste of her nectar in what had seemed an age. With the few dates he brought home since she left, he'd had to spend time exploring and finding out what turned them on. Not this time. He knew how to satisfy her. He knew what she wanted.

With firm flicks of his tongue he felt her body start to quiver and the guttural sound of a woman being pleasured filled the room. He wanted to enter her now but she just kept on pushing his head back into her, gyrating in rhythm with his tongue. He moved his hands around her back and firmly clenched her wet buttocks, digging his fingers deep into her quivering flesh. Pulling her tight to his mouth he increased the rhythmic flicks of his tongue. As her legs shook, she tried to push his head away, it was just too good. He only responded by pulling her tighter to his mouth. She tried grabbing his hair to push him away but he was too strong for her and as the pleasure rose, the shaking increased, the sound of her moaning increased.

As he felt her about to explode he bit her gently just where she liked it. Her hands went limp and fell to her side as the ****** worked its way around her body. Her legs trembled and then went limp, he took her weight with his hands and gently licked as she spasmed and moaned. As the ****** gently receded, he noticed she had a tattoo on the top of her right thigh. A butterfly. Thats something new he thought to himself as he raised himself up and put his still moist lips to hers. This wasn't an I love you kind of kiss, it was a full on, Its my turn now kiss. He gripped the back of her long hair again with his right hand and placed his left hand on her shoulder. He pulled her hair down her back until she was staring directly at the ceiling. The pressure of both hands pulling brought her head to his chest.

She sank to her knees in contented submission, trailing her fingers down his sides as she went. she took hold of of his manhood in both hands as she felt him push her mouth onto him. With her finger wrapped around the bottom of his shaft, eagerly licked around the rim and down the full length. Again and again she teased him with her tongue. Finally she let him enter her mouth. He loved to feel those cherry red lips around him and started to push her head up and down himself, dictating the rhythm. As she pumped him he recalled how she had done this to him that first time they met. It was at one of Harry's parties. Yeah, things always seemed to happen at Harry's parties he smiled to himself. That was 12 years ago but she was as sexy now as she had been back then. His reminiscing was cut short by a short, sharp bite to his nipple. She now stood before him, nose to nose. Her hands enveloped his head as she kissed him.
He gripped hands and pulled them away from his head. In a tango-like dance he managed to turn her toward the wall, her arms spread upwards as if ready to receive a pat-down. With her back arched and her legs spread, she pushed her buttocks out in invitation.

With his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her wet breasts up against the tiled wall. The cold on her nipples momentarily took her breath away, the sudden thrust of him entering her finished the job. As he slowly slid in and out he pulled her arms away from the wall, placed them behind her back and nestled them on his now sweating stomach. Without her hands for support, her face now pressed against the wall too. With each stroke she felt her body sliding up and down the wall. The gaps in the tiles only added to the tenderness of her nipples. He reach around and took her cold breast in his hands and at the same time he bit hard into her shoulder.

The rhythm increased. The moaning increased. The pleasure increased. He wanted to empty himself but resisted. He loved to look into her eyes as she peaked. He withdrew and turned her around. He saw the look of puzzlement on her face and took her hands in his. Slowly he sat on the floor, pulling her down with him. Now sat upright on the bathroom floor he wrapped her legs around his waist and entered her again. Her head immediately fell back, her hair , wet from the sweat, hung loose behind her. She threw her arms around his neck. He placed his hands around her waist and pulled her in deeper. The primordial sound of her pleasure would wake the neighbours , he thought. To hell with them, he wanted this so much he'd just have face them with an embarrassed smile some other time. He felt her legs tighten their grip around his waist as she matched his rhythm. He wanted to explode. Not yet. He placed his hands on each side of her face and pulled her towards him. Nose to nose, he stared into those beautiful eyes of hers. He stared into her eyes. She stared back but it was as if she was looking straight through him, beyond him.

As he pulled her deeper and faster she released her grip on his neck and held onto his arms. Meeting his thrusts she felt the second one welling up deep inside her. He increased his grip and pulled her harder onto him. Still nose to nose he noticed her lip quivering, followed by her legs. This was the moment he enjoyed most. She tried to fight off the urge to scream by biting her bottom lip but it was too late. The rhythm was now frantic as he pushed deeper into her. His groin suddenly became hot and wet as she finally lost the battle to hold it in. As her body fell limp in his arms he too lost the battle and released his desire. still staring deep into each others eyes, the spasms decreased. he pulled her head closer and kissed her still quivering lips. A more tender kiss than before and that worried him.

He placed his hands behind his head and laid back. She joined him on the floor and snuggled into the hairs on his chest. He stroked her hair as she kissed his chest for what seemed a lifetime. He pulled himself onto his elbows, half sitting up and took he pack of cigarettes out of his crumpled jeans pocket. Blowing out the match, he took a long draw and heard himself saying "We need to talk . . . ."

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I like this a lot you did a good job its a really good story..

It reads a bit like a film noir sc<x>ript to me... very dark, very enticing, and yet with a light and ultra-modern flair throughout. Enjoyed it very much, Sir :)

I like the music choice for this one.


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Oh Wow :-)