Friday Night At Joe's Bar

He passed the flashing neon signs without noticing them. He was deep in thought. so many emotions running through his mind. Anger, guilt, remorse. But most of all a feeling off loss.

The sidewalk was dappled with puddles, each one one reflecting and magnifying the light and colors from the neon lights. The tall, grey buildings seemed to brought to life as the rainbow of colors flickered across them. The sound of distant car horns was the only sound to interrupt the rhythmic beat of his boots on concrete. The sound echoing off the walls only amplified his feeling of loneliness.

As he turned the corner he saw the familiar sign outside Joe's bar. A sign that usually gave him a feeling of being home, a feeling of anticipation. But not tonight. Tonight he knew she wouldn't be there. Yeah, the boys will all be there, laughing and going through their usual Friday night routine but it wouldn't be the same without her. Now he had to field all those questions he'd been avoiding "What happened?"  "Where did it go wrong?" No point in hiding forever from the truth, denial is a wonderful thing but he had to face up to reality, accept that she'd gone.

Reaching the bar door, he paused. The rain was falling hard now but he never noticed. Throwing his cigarette butt into one of the multi-colored puddles he looked up and down the street. Everything seemed different now, everything felt different. Tipping the water from his hat he swung open the bar door tothe sound of "Hey Cowboy, where you bin?" 

Yeah, just another Friday with the boys . . .
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Just a peek of who you are??? Hope to see more.