Velvet - (cross-posted)

Kneeling on the floor he saw her spread before him. She'd fallen asleep on the sofa as she'd waited for his return. He gently took the TV remote from
her limp hand and hit the standby button. The room suddenly fell into into almost total darkness as the TV flickered off. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness he saw a smile play across her face. She was dreaming. Her smile made him smile too, she looked so beautiful with the moonlight cast across her face from the open curtains. He softly ran the back of his hand across her cheek and as he did her face tilted to meet it, still smiling. Yes, she looked so beautiful .

Still kneeling, he adjusted her pillows and splayed her long,dark hair across them. It seemed strange to be kneeling at her side, it had always been the other way around. She has spent many hours kneeling at his feet staring up adoringly but this was the first time he had experienced it from her point of view. It felt good, almost natural.

Looking down he saw her naked torso bathed in moonlight. A small blanket covered her lower half but her breasts where exposed and pert. He loved her breasts but resisted the temptation and instead leaned over and kissed her cheek. She made no movement this time and he found himself running his nose back and forth across her lips. She had the biggest, most beautiful eyes he had ever seen yet with her eyes closed he found them mesmerising, those long dark eyelashes seems somehow longer when closed. He had always teased her about her resemblance to Audrey Hepburn and tonight with the moonlight turning everything into shades of black, white and gray she looked just like one of her old movie snapshots. She was so delicate, fragile even.

He loved her so much but she must never know his true feelings. This had been the first time he'd been involved with a married woman. Looking down on her again he found it hard to imagine her a married woman. The child-like face and petite body looked too innocent to be 23 and married. He hadn't wanted all that had happened. Yeah, he had wanted her for a long time but knew she was off limits so kept a safe distance. But the night she had seduced him had changed everything. This had become far more complicated than he had wanted but she had become almost a drug to him. And him to her.

He Pulled the blanket back slowly so he could her full naked form. Yeah, so beautiful in every way. As he stroked her hair he daydreamed of a day when they could finally be together even though he knew it could never happen. He ran the back of his hand softly across her face, he'd never felt anyone with skin this soft, almost like a baby's skin. Normally at this point he would have undressed and joined her, made love to her but he felt caught in the moment. This was love he was feeling not lust. Moving back into the kneeling position he gently kissed her cheek, barely touching her.

Sliding his arm under her head he tilted her head towards him. Gently placing his cheeks against hers he took in her scent. She even smelt beautiful he thought to himself. Instinctively he ran his fingernails down her slim, lithe body, over her breast and down between her legs. He pulled his hands away with a jolt. He knew a hundred ways to initiate sex, a hundred things she loved him to do to her. But tonight he just wanted to look and hold her. He knew he could posses her body at will but it was her soul he desired the most.


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You do get *write* to the heart of the matter. Love your writing.