I Wrote This Book...

...which was funny, and sad, and different.

But then I deleted it in a fit of hysteria.


Oh well, only a few years work down the drain :P


Flairity Flairity
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2006

Why? Did you suffer "writer's block" or something? I believe I might have liked to read it. Why did you destroy something that represents the time and talent you put into it.

My dear, I have been writing and rewriting stories since I was a little bit younger than you. Go BACK to it...finish it...and then let me read it, okay?

That bites... well hopefully a new idea with come 2 mind. best of luck :) Bec <3

you nutcase! what did you delete it for? <br />
...i wanted to read it :(

What were you writing about?<br />
<br />