My E-book Is Done, What Do I Do Now!

How should you go about setting a price for your e-book? That's a good question. There's no simple answer. Your book is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. But there are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with a pricing scale. Most people, who have way more experience than I do in publishing, will tell you that it should be priced at least at 50% off the cover price. That sounds reasonable to me. The reader isn't getting a book to hold in their hand after all, they only get a digital copy.

Once you've made that determination, you have to let reality kick in. How much would a person really be willing to pay for your book. That can be hard, especially if you've gone down the self-publishing route. Your book is likely priced higher than traditional books in print form already, so the 50% discount might only bring your book down to $5 or $6. That doesn't sound like a lot to pay for a book, but readers can be very picky and calculating when deciding what to download. For example, if your book only comes to 140 pages, $5 may seem like a lot for them to pay.

Then you have to consider one more factor. You may not be a household name to anyone yet. In that case, the likely hood of readers looking for your book and downloading it at any price, drops down dramatically. In a case like that, you may need to make your first book a bargain basement price.

Of course if you're well connected on twitter, facebook, YouTube, etc. then you may already have an audience willing to buy your book. If not, then you have to market yourself, spread the word about your book, then wait to see what happens.

But in reality there is no sure fire way to sell your book as an e-book or otherwise. All you can do as a writer is write your book then get it ready for purchase. If you're a self-published author, you might have to find creative ways to market it. If an audience finds you, great! If not, well there's always next time. Don't let it get you down.
paclark paclark
Feb 23, 2012