Mind Beyond A Shattered Reality Part 2

The Light Had Faded Into His Consciousness
His Features Were Blank Leaving Him Anonymous
The Surroundings Faded Into The Darkness
All That He Knew Was No More, His Next Journey Would Be Arduous

Time Had No Meaning As His Path Wilted
Seeds Of Fear Clouded His Being Where None Sheltered
Compelled By Two Separate Realities His Mind Faltered
The Sky Had Foretold His Fate, He Was Left Eternally Wondered

The Glass Appeared Before Him Anew
Blue With All It's Glory It Was The Next Breakthrough
The Destiny It Withheld Tempted His Touch Untrue
Forms Fractured The Panel Unleashed A Virtue
Lushiro Lushiro
22-25, M
1 Response May 3, 2012

Wow your an amazing poet a very deep thinker :)

Lol thanks, I'm no poet though!

Well you express your self through your words beautifully I feel I can relate