I originally posted this story in January, but inadvertently posted it in the wrong venue...here it is for you! "Starry Starry Night" starts the song about Vincent Van Gogh A man driven Driven by the demons within We all have them...those voices...nagging, urging, hounding us until we perform or crack. Maybe we do some of both... There are those fortunate few (or many...) whose voices are not as loud... whose voices they can totally ignore with no consequence. Are those fortunate, or are they missing a special, beautiful, creative part of life? Had Vincent not had his constant, crippling, maddening voices would he have given us Starry Night? Would we be left with Irisis or Sunflowers or self portraits of a tortured. withered old man? Had he not been driven by his voices...would he, could he haven been driven by anything else? I don't, of course know the answer to that...nor does any one else. I do know my voices are not always bad, I put them there, after all. There was no Divine, defining moment when they arrived, They have appeared, off and on, all my adult life. Maybe before that. It had to have been I who fed them...they didn't acquire any knowledge on their own They just use what they know to come up with and tell me of, different ideas, points of view, concepts, yes, thoughts. You see I was awakened at two this morning by my voices... I could see a single star outside. My voice said "get up, you need to write...use that star as a source of inspiration" Sometimes my voices just start something... No completion, no formulation of an Idea...just "there is a star...go give your gift to the person who would most appreciate it" You see my voice this morning wasn't going to tell me what to write...not even what to write about my voice told me to give someone a gift. I know those voices won't be satisfied until this gift is delivered...then I can rest. about that star... For an hour I thought about how distant those stars are...how incomprehensible the distance the light travels to reach us... or how a singular, brightly shining star has inspired so many deep thoughts and memories throughout humankind. Dancing one night outside under a starry sky Starry Starry Night! I remember who first told me to really LISTEN to that song. That's it! "Get up! Read the lyrics, remember, remember, awaken those damnable, everpresent beautiful voices and let's see what you have." That's how it works I hope this somehow has touched you,somehow made some good thoughts appear. It is my gift and my gift to you I wrote this to a woman with whom I had just recently gotten reacquainted. I gave her this as both an insight and a gift. She used to love me, she no longer does...we used to converse, we no longer do.
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Absolutely beautiful

Thank you

I love that song so much . . . It makes me hurt and bawl my eyes out . . . yup . . . I love it ! . . . beautiful story my friend . . . I hope she comes around . . .