Severance Part 2

The shadow shuffled closer and closer to the prisoner.

The prisoner sat unmoving, head still bowed but watching the approach of the other with hawk-like scrutiny.

The shadow came close to the prisoner and paused, about to speak.

The prisoner moved with a speed born of desperation, his chains limiting his attempt into an awkward kick.

Still, it was enough to make the target fall over onto his back. He grunted as his breath left his body.

Quickly, the prisoner positioned himself over his captor, preparing to strangle him to death.

As his hands closed over the throat, a half-word escaped the others mouth that sounded like "Wait!".

That voice sounded familiar. The prisoner relinquished some of his killing grip and peered at the others face.


It was his friend, Michael, indeed. Relief passed through Michael's eyes as the prisoner went from strangling his throat to holding Michael's face in a way that spoke of a deep gratitude and wonder.

"How..." The prisoner began to speak but his voice cracked, throat parched with thirst.

"Here." Michael handed a water skin to the prisoner, who pressed it eagerly to his mouth.

Michael pulled the water skin back.

"Not too much. Drink sparingly at first."

The prisoner did as he was bid. After a short while he was able to speak.

"Michael - thankyou."

Michael looked into his friend's eyes. "You are as a brother to me. I could not rest without knowing whether you were alive or not. Let me unlock your chains."

The prisoner nodded and showed Michael his manacled hands and feet.

The chains dropped to the floor with a clang that echoed around the cell.

Rubbing his aching limbs, the prisoner rose, Michael supporting him.

"Can you walk?" Michael asked.

The prisoner stood on his own for a moment and tested his body's strength.

"Aye, I can walk." After a moment, the prisoner asked for a weapon.

Michael nodded as he handed his friend a dagger from his belt.

"All I can spare, I'm afraid."

The prisoner nodded as he tested the edge of the blade. Sharp, as to be expected from a combat veteran like Michael.

Michael himself drew a longsword from its scabbard, the double edged blade shone dully in the scant light.

Together they made their way out of the cell. When they reached one of the sconces that held a burning torch, Michael took a fresh torch from a bundle on the ground and lit it.

The prisoner started to take a torch also, but Michael stopped him.

"The less light we cast the better."

They started to move again when Michael stopped suddenly, longsword and torch out before him.

They both peered out into the darkness of the passageway. After a few moments of straining their senses to detect what was ahead, Michael shook his head and said "I thought I heard something. Let us be cautious."

The prisoner nodded, his face set and stern.

After a short time, the light from their single torch showed the corridor became a T junction. As they neared the turn, Michael turned his head to speak to the prisoner.

"We should keep to the left wall, and ignore this turning. I didn't have time to explore but I think it just leads to more cel...". A funny look came over Michaels face, before his head rolled from his body onto the floor. His decapitated body followed soon after with a crash.

Still in shock, the prisoner saw a huge humanoid in front of him, rotten yellow teeth bared, and bloody cleaver in hand. Its skin was a pale blue, and almost totally hairless. Some kind of ogre, then.

The ogre raised its cleaver to strike, but the prisoner just stood there, still in shock at what had just happened to his friend. As the cleaver came down, the prisoners battle training took over and he managed to deflect the blow with his dagger.

The force of the blow knocked the prisoner to the ground. Losing hold of the dagger, it skidded away out of reach.

Triumphantly, the ogre took a step towards him, positioning itself for the killing blow.

The cleaver swung.

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