A Glimpse Of A 500 Word Short Short

Mystica had decided a good long hike was needed as well as very deserved. She worked very hard to provide for her family, care for her house, and children but neglected her own needs far too much. Today she decided to become one with the natural world and herself. She packed her back pack with trail mix, a swiss army knife, a camera, a notepad and some water. A broken heart can not be healed by exercise but it was worth a try. She loved him and he loved her, but they could not be joined as a partnership.

The morning sunlight danced ever so lightly over the grove as she entered the trail. The sun beams pierced between the large canopy of the trees. It gave the path a natural but mystical glow. She felt connected to God, mankind and her own spirit.Her eyes then caught sight of the beautiful weeping willow tree. Standing alone with its incredible foliage that cascaded down like emerald tear drops.
woodlandwench woodlandwench
41-45, F
May 25, 2012