The Legend Of Lushiro (Part One)

The wind would flow outwards flowing over his prominent blondish gold spiky hair with long bangs that recede down his face, his eyes reflecting off the brightness of the sun glimmering it's pool of cold blue. The dark gray cape he wore flapped against the ferocity of the wind, complimenting the remainder of his attire was a different style of black jeans, blue chain mailed shirt with a design of a dragon on the front. He also wore silver shoulder pads that were worn, on his feet were black boots caked in mud. "It's time." He thought absentmindedly.

Lushiro made his way down a snow covered slope, gliding down horizontally without complication. He felt the sting of bitter cold when he clenched his teeth with grimace. "Why is it always so cold when there's snow fall?" Once his descent was complete he ran into a defiant creature, a beast with fangs, matted in black hair, red baleful eyes. Lushiro drew his blue coated katana from it's scabbard, bracing himself with an offensive stance to meet the challenge. The creature roared in anger as it smashed it's muscular fists upon the snow sending a wave of ice his way, the warrior leaped above it then drew upon amber colored power around the exterior of his sword to unleash a devastating crescent blade of energy to cut through the creature completely, dividing it's body in half. He landed smoothly to glance back at the pool of purple blood and horrified expression enched upon it's face. He smirked. "A face only a monster could love, that's right you are one. Good day to you." He said dashing toward the north where he would meet his next testament to his dogma.
Lushiro Lushiro
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couldnt be a better start. Your good with literature. Picture perfect. In my imagination his katana was like slim (like the one Kanda have in Dgray man) rather than cloud strife's big one. How did u think while writing?

Excellent that is exactly how his sword should appeal. :-) I will draw it someday. I don't really know rofl. It's all in the fingers. I type "unconsciously" without thought. Words just flow through the weave of my fingers across the keyboard. :O

thts why Its so real maybe. ;)

Great - lots of good visuals and action - I can absolutely see this in manga or anime format. Tho - for manga - the text would need to be edited for panels, and you may need more dialogue if it were anime (just a thought) - I look forward to reading more... keep up the good work - oh wait - there's 30 episodes - you've been busy! Thanks for sharing!!

LOL Thank you for your feedback friend! :) I did think of utilizing this as an anime or manga someday, something to think about for the future. That or a graphic novel, a good catalyst for it's production. I hope you enjoy the read, you have a lot to do but my writing style for this is fast-paced so you shouldn't have any trouble. :)

"prominent blondish gold spiky hair with long bangs that recede down his face" wishful thinking? lol yeah it is good I think you would do best with comic or graphic novel writing but that's just my opinion

Hahaha! I have a wild imagination =P You read my mind, it's exactly what I want to do with this story. Either a video game or a graphic novel. I hope I can achieve this some day. :)

Yeah i thought of video gaming but I think your story would go to waste there most modern games don't really care about story just graphics and gameplay

I see your point. That does make sense... :| But there are SOME gamers who appreciate the story more so it's at least cohesive with the overall plot direction. What's the use in a game without a decent story, might as well call it Hack & Slash.

No it's not a hack & slash if it's pretty enough and to get to one of those other companies you need to work your way through other forms of media it takes time to work your foot in the door

I'm sorry but I can't play a game that doesn't have a well thought out story, at least make sense with the plot so I have something to go with, leaves me thinking about the overall progression. Yeah I's a long long road ahead...

yeah I got out of gaming cause good games kept getting harder to find and good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Yes! Exactly how I feel. I empathize. Thank you for your time Gray, much appreciated. :)


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I have a lot of reading to do. ;) Excellent writing *hugs*

Haha yes you do! I hope you like it, still trying to refine my writing... xP *hugs and lifts you off feet* ;)

He reminds me of cloud strife :-)

Haha I knew someone was gonna make that reference sooner or later

hahah but thats a good thing :D everyone loves cloud ( well i prefer sephiroth, but ya know :P )