The Legend Of Lushiro (Part Twenty Eight)

Both Lushiro and Izame glared at Azath hatefully, the foreseerer only smirked in relish at their expressions. “You are unhappy to see me? It's been a long time...since our last encounter eh Lushiro?” He said with dark glee. Lushiro's throat became tight for now the dark master knows of his escape from their previous battle. “You...! Why are you here? This isn't your fight!” Lushiro roared, firing a large blade of amber in his proximity. Azath merely shifted his body a few inches, watching it explode against scorched earth. “Personal business. And you misunderstand boy. This is my fight just as much as you understand now?” Azath countered slyly. Izame was startled by his words, Lushiro took notice of her reaction. “What do you mean...? What could you possibly have to do with the Mongoleia or Emma?” Lushiro questioned but Izame answered before he did.

“...The under their power...but...that shouldn't be...!” She stammered. Azath tilted his concealed face upwards, revealing his shining teeth, grinning maliciously. “I thought you knew this Izame, or have you been lacking in future vision? For shame. Let's just say our league is in control of scenarios and predicaments before your time. The Mongoleia is a mere pawn to a larger role in store for other participants...for say yourself Lushiro. As you progress you will learn the dark truths of the curse that now exploits itself to you in character.” Azath paused, twisting his disgusted glance to Izame who glowered, narrowing her eyes to meet his cold orbs.

“And...then Izame, the traitor. How I should've seen this coming a long ways...but you do surprise me with this course of action. We could not foresee this event and it is troubling, we saw Lushiro surviving the tragedy but had not...known it would be you. Interesting turn of events...” Izame laughed halfheartedly. “That is very are doing terrible things to Enora. It was once a peaceful world, but now you and the others plan to taint it with black corruption. I do not understand why. I gaze out through the tower you had be entombed within, to see the works of evil. I could not take it anymore. So I fled, in search of a savior. And I have found him.” Izame spoke strongly, easing away her nervousness. Azath snarled.

“Is that so? Well then you also misunderstand our ways. We are doing what we can to preserve the future. Cretins like yourself will only spoil the bad egg and spread infectious disaster, we wish to prevent that.” Azath turned to Lushiro. “You are...a threat I will admit. For you exceed our expectations, even now. To stand in our way and seek the trial of destruction to avenge yourself and your parents. We have to put an end to your charade and see you dead on the spot, is your lucky day for I am not here to fight. Only to deliver a message to young Yuko who...I forgot was here during the controversy. I apologize.” Azath chuckled darkly.

Yuko had been paying close attention, he did not know who this demon was but obviously he was bad news for he is enemies of Lushiro and Izame. “...A message? What do you want from me?” Yuko asked, disregarding the beaming glare from the Mongoleia who was stagnant the entire time, awaiting for his master to finish his duties here. Azath raised Yuko into the air, then hovered him close, inches apart. Lushiro cried Yuko's name but was halted by Izame, her face mixed with emotions. She merely shook her head, causing Lushiro to reprieve in grimace. Yuko was afraid as he was face-to-face with Azath, sensing the evil radiating from his body. His body visibly shaking with trepidation and bitter cold, frost breathed into his face, causing snow like particles to form around his cheeks and nose.

“I want you to understand something child. Your sister is not in control of the Mongoleia, for she is a mere puppet in our game. Her capture, was staged from the strings by our hands. Which also brought Lushiro and Izame to the table, and now you. We cannot have your power fall against us, for it is a prominent strength only bestowed from the highest tier of tribesmen, you have surpassed them. Do you comprehend this? Now here's a thought. If you free her from our bind, then...well...let's just say one of you will perish. Do you still wish to save her from our clutches? Or will you surrender and go home?” Azath coldly wagered, smiling cruelly. Enjoying the hurt and confusion displayed upon his face, as his mind now twirled in black emotions.
The curse spoke to Lushiro in discreet. “Allow me a quick shift of consciousness...! Say it quickly. I'd like to have a few words with him! All I need is one moment of physical contact. I cannot yet merge with your mind to speak through you, it is the only way.” Lushiro was in a tough bind, but sighed sharply.

“Do it.” Lushiro felt himself drag out of his own subconsciousness, then new force embody his physical and spiritual essence. After closing his eyes, the curse opened them to reveal deep amber pupils. Izame watched as Azath sent Yuko flying towards her limbs frozen in ice, she caught him then witnessed in shock as Lushiro demonically leaped towards Azath with his fist pumped back to strike him dead in the face. Azath was slightly taken by the apprehensive approach as he had no time to react.

A bone crunching sound echoed throughout the area.

(Author Note: I want to thank those who've been reading my story so far, it's still needing its tweaks and corrections, but I am truly grateful to my readers and it makes me smile when I see so many have read it! Gives me the boost to continue on with it for it is fun for me to write. Again my thanks and respects to you all are awesome! :D)
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BOY get this freaking book published your a fudging good writer!!

LOL I might make this into a one-shot comic someday...dunno it needs A LOT of improvement! Same for my literature skills :)

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