The Legend Of Lushiro (Part Thirty)

The Mongoleia soon found its limbs bound and constricted by several orange and red seals designed with the intricate outline of a different creature of nature. Two gigantic pentacles manifested over it's blob like head and feet, imprisoning it within a barrier of The Omaga's Bond. Yuko's hands rested to his side as he then kneeled down, falling unconscious for his mind now began to merge with the Mongoleia's initiating the next process of the ritual to proceed.

While this took place Lushiro and Izame were now faced with an enraged Azath. The Mongoleia is no longer a threat while in it's dormant state so Azath was coerced to defend his battle ground. “You push me to the edge. I was going to leave you fools be. But now I'll take matters into my own hands. I do not trust your next move as our puppet is in slumber.” He said with a wave of his hand, summoning a jagged black scabbard, accustomed blade of purple ice. Lushiro smirked, rushing into the fray his accursed outlines shading his pelt. “Good it would've been boring standing around until he was finished.” Izame dashed in feathery elegance by his side. “I second that. Let's finish him while we have the chance, he won't abandon until this is over.” The foreseer chuckled. “I'm not so easily disposed of mortals.” With that they went into a titanic collision of swordplay.

Yuko opened his eyes to discover his astral body separated from his mind, hovering through a sea of red, blue, green and orange. He felt as though this were an out of body experience. Permission granted from the ritual to commence with this last resort. The streamline was warm, jostling his body as waves bounced against him. The vessel he traveled to was the aorta vein, linked to The Mongoleia's heart. It was fairly dimly lit with red highlights. “So...I'm...headed to the heart of it...I'm coming Emma...just a little longer...I don't care for what happens to me. This message has to get to you. The fate of Kolelyla (Cole-lie-lah)...our only home depends on it...” He thought close to his ambition. Yuko was scared of what might await him, he didn't fear death but he feared what could befall of Emma if he failed.

The two were very close siblings, sharing memories with their tribesmen and family gatherings. Playing games with the other children, sharing meals when food was low, enjoying the enthralling tales from their father who was a brilliant hunter. The sublime cooking of their mother, she made it an ideal goal to pass these skills to Emma one day. A simple yet meaningful life, family was everything to them regardless of the bad times.

Yuko leaned back as he relished in the good memories before flashes of darkness entered his vision, images of Emma in pain, screaming, crying, distraught, afraid. Without her brother by her side, this tortured his young mind as he fought back with more blissful memories with Emma. They were always there for each other through thick and thin, covering another's strength and weaknesses. Yuko even saved his sister from a few bullies back in tribe school, he beat them with his fists and cursed them away. Emma called him her little hero who had a big heart and brave soul. The two were close, she was all he had for the other tribes children despised them for their family's richness in the family traditions. Other families were too miserable at times, feuding over marketing, finance, and more so the Omaga Bond's failure in the bloodline generation. Yuko and Emma's parents were fortunate to be born with both of their children's success.

He felt a much more powerful disturbance in his train of thought. The vile memories of the Mongoleia played in his brain, the torture it suffered from the tribesmen who desired power to manipulate this beast of unknown caliber. The lonely life it lived, in search of a bigger purpose in the world. Always in search of something to fill it's occupation as it wandered the plains in a hopeless existence of a monster. Yuko felt a pang of sadness and pity for the beast for it had gained so many human experiences from abuse of the Omaga's Bond that it gained a thinking mind set, one equivalent to a true human being. The process of thought and feelings. This set a different feeling inside of his heart for he now realized that The Mongoleia deserved better, it was hurting deep within itself, wishing a better life than that of a rogue savage. The Omaga's Bond allowed the viewpoint of the user to be freely expressed and seen from both parties so the Mongoleia saw the heart of Yuko as well.

What he discovered more in The Mongoleia's memories is a strange desire for something, a powerful zenith to complete itself
A friend.


Yuko felt numerous bubbles rupture beneath escalating his buoyancy so he was now riding a cloud of red and blue bubbles that floated toward the light ahead, where it's heart rested, beating strongly with pulsations of red into each vein.

“This is...the heart...but where's Emma?”

Soon his worries were relieved as he saw a glow of light beacon from above, shining upon his tattered face, black eye, swollen cheeks and bruises all over. Emma emerged from the light, falling gracefully toward him as if handed by the meticulousness of heaven. Yuko's heart leaped for joy as he reached out to her, she was unconscious but unharmed. Catching her with strained arms she fell over top of him, he groaned in pain but then she awoken to find herself embarrassingly sprawled on her little brother who protested. But it didn't matter.

She cried, yelled his name in shock, dismay, worry, all emotions relative to sibling love. Hugging him tightly, surprisingly possible in spirit form.

“I...I...” Emma was so overwhelmed she stumbled over her words.

Yuko's eyes glazed with tears.

“Its ok...we're together for now...” Yuko said heavy heartedly.

Emma stared at him with red eyes, from excessive crying in hurt and confusion.

(One more chapter and Season one comes to a close, thank you all so much for following along. This is truly a joy.)
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well done! i like where the story is going. and the detail is pretty visual. i do have one thing to point out, it seems that in the story so far, the story between fights is abbreviated and the fights themselves are more drawn out. the analogy that comes to mind is to say if it were a video game, i would call it "all dungeon and no overworld" although...the dungeons are excellent.

Haha good observation. I have heard this comparison before =P I am still trying to find the perfect balance between "story mode" and fight scenes, trying to draw more into the story and shorter verses for fighting, yet keep the visuality there. Thank you again Bunnyhound you are amazing :)