The Legend Of Lushiro (Part Thirty Nine)

Clutching his newly acquainted claw, he smashed through the ghastly flesh of the ancient one who release no sound of pain, evidently it was like a blade phasing through a wall of gas. Twisting his head around to assess the damage, only blobs of wisp like flesh were left in his wake. He'd then glance above to see the ferocious eye of the ancient one, firing what appeared to be a neon blue beam from it's iris. Quickly taking evasive maneuvers Lushiro pivoted out of it's trajectory range, watching a spray of blue energy explode outward, scorching the marble platform.

Next came streams waves of malicious tendrils, making their way toward him in spits of hisses and shrieks, he'd flicker his claw outward wondering how these new abilities functioned. “Wings...claws...augmented agility? What is this...? How did this even come to be...?” He thought as he instinctively swiped forward blasting them away in rampart fire of golden distortions without his knowledge of use. Almost like an instantaneous reaction.

The curse no longer felt pain but spikes of supernatural power, coursing through him from Lushiro, it was alienated even to him. “Just what is that synergy...? Nothing compared to anything I've felt before...!” He relished in awe, glancing about after catching faint glimpses of flashing particles of light.

“Oh? It seems there's a battle on the way! Lushiro embarked upon new strength...interesting. I'll hone in on his signature from here and break in.” The curse numbed his senses in order to lock in on the consistent clashing of opposing energies, light and dark, celestial and malevolent.

Lushiro's foot was ensnared by a tendril, he cried a faint yelp as it twirled him high into the air before sending him crashing down violently into the solid floor, smashing a decent sized crater during the moment of impact.

His flexible wings had curled and formed a sphere to guard his back, utilizing this momentum he glowered brightly before unleashing a golden-white ray of spontaneous energy to engulf a howling evil, imploding into a bright display of waves.

“Had enough?” Lushiro asked, voice brimming with confidence. His wings flapped golden particles with each beat. The ancient one merely cackled grotesquely.

He growled in disgust. “What's so funny?! This isn't a laughing matter! Keep that up and I'll rip you to shreds!”

“It's futile to resist. Your future is bombarded with doom and despair-”

Suddenly from the shadows above a black figure landed a momentous kick to the eye of the ancient one, then spiraled backwards to land before Lushiro who smiled at the curse who panted tediously. The ancient one howled in pain as it writhed and contorted, streams of smoke bursting everywhere.

“Took you long enough.”

“Sorry had to find the back door first...all that ruckus made it easier to find.”

Lushiro smirked for a response.

“Well...someone had to keep him busy...say any idea what this...weird form is about?”

“Funny...I was going to ask you the same's certainly celestial. When did it...”

Gazing at his pulsating hand, brilliant gold flickering from his flesh. He began wondering of the precise moment of awakening.

Then it came to him, during his hour of timely destruction, something unleashed a shine, on his person, he glanced below to discover the outline of his talisman embedded into his article of clothing, the head of the dragon glowing a bright white along his chest and waist while the wings and tail a ravished black across his shoulder frame.

“...Don't tell me...” He rasped in revelation, his pupils dilated as his memories reeled back.

The reminiscence of the past, his seventeenth birthday the marking of a growing young man, blossoming into the delicate flower his parents nurtured him to be. It was a time of celebration, a year older, a year wiser than before, and another step forward to living life in his own image. His mother and father usually collected relics, antiques and origami, all originated from the Chinese and Japanese culture.

Awakening that morning to a bright and cheerful morn.

Parents up and about, bustling through daily tasks and errands to make time for their son's special day.

A very fast paced day that left them exhausted, bills had to be paid, the home needed desperate cleaning, wallpaper had to be set and dried accordingly, and much much more. Lushiro wished to assist them but it was like every year, denied assistance, he was ordered to practice kata, the art of systematic movements of combat, in the essence of karate, afterward he escaped to the forest to relax under his favorite oak tree.

Of course as he laid beneath the shade and coolness beneath it, he wondered what it would be like to be slightly more normal, to live in a populated residence, it was a safe life he lived away from the city but there was much to be desired. He had this reoccurring thoughts often, wish it weren't so but it was normal for a child to wonder of different lifestyles beyond the confines of home.

Lushiro was sure his parents had their reasoning for such distance from society, he never questioned it, he was always grateful for such loving and caring parents. A normal birthday party with a few friends wasn't too much to ask for was it, in his case he assumed right. Too much of a hassle so he accepted the terms and smiled about it, there was castella (cake) to be prepared and then the tradition would be complete, their living area would resemble a festival of some sort, ribbons, floral wallpaper, dragon origami pop art, decore and ornaments.

Along with paper lanterns, balloons and flags everywhere, completely lit up the atmosphere as if welcoming the arrival of a prince to his dynasty always brought a bright smile to his face.

However on this day when he returned home to the decorations of a complete bonanza there were his two parents, dressed in Kimonos, charcoal getas (sandals) and other cultural semblance. There beside the garnished castella, frosted, brightly lit with candles, prepared underneath table figurines of sword brands and dragons, all complimented by the beaming smiles on their faces. He had no idea why his family was so keen on designing the entire theme based on Japanese/Chinese culture but could also careless for it was very appealing to the eyes, colors, shapes, symbols, everything made it all the more special.

He wore a hooded robe of gold, white-silver like streaks along the fabrics, short sleeves, white long sleeves underneath, gold sash designed with a silver talisman linking tassels from both sides.

His father asked him to step forward, this was unfamiliar to him, as this was different from the other ceremonies. But soon realized they were smiling wider than usual, coercing him to raise his eyebrows suspiciously.

“Is this...some sort of trick?” He asked cautiously, gulping with tension.

His mother giggled. “Don't be silly honey, we're just proud of you.” She said warmly, kissing his cheek.

“ you know Lushiro, it's your seventeenth birthday. The makings of a young man, soon enough you'll be ready to explore this world all on your own. next year you should be pursuing your studies and mapping out a game plan once you set out, it's a cruel world out there.” His mother nudged him. “Don't be so harsh.” His father blushed.

“What he means is...just take good care of yourself and be bright to those you meet. And always be kind, those struggling in life are always fighting harder battles to sustain themselves to survive and make an honest living.”
Lushiro nodded with a smile. “Okay.”

He was then presented with a black marbled box, he received it. Staring at it with wonder, excitement, and anxiety. He shook it a bit to gain insight on what's on the inside, metallic he first thought.

“What's in it? Not another trinket...I have plenty of those!” He asked grinning.

“Oh I think you'll like this one son.” His father chimed.

The blond-clad shrugged, flipping the top, watching a mysteriously ambient light radiate from within to his surprise. Revealing to be the talisman he now adorns around his neck. Silver in material, symbolic dragon engraved upon the surface of both sides attached to a very thin lining of sturdy material. His eyes dazzled in instantaneous obsession over the trinket.

“Best present ever!” He exclaimed ecstatically.

From that moment forward they chattered, laughed and enjoyed the special day which was the last fond memory he could've possibly remembered up to that point, brought him pangs of sadness that his life shifted pendulums before his eyes. But now he must move on from the past, to the present and make it to his future whatever that may be. In compensation for their absence, they left him with a gift, a strength to prevail against his enemies.

Returning to the face of reality.

Lushiro's eyes shot toward the recovering Ancient One who growled in rage.

The curse smirking, unwavering confidence.

“You've made a grave mistake entering my domain. For you sentenced yourselves to death.”

The curse merely yawned in mockery. “Whatever you say sore eyes-”

But Lushiro spoke ahead of him.

“I have something worse to fear than death.”

The ancient one merely stared at the blond-clad who's eyes glimmered with a burning flame.

“And what would that be child? Death is the oblivion of all living creatures. The end. Nothing more, why put up a fight when it's all meaningless? You and I have seen the disasters that await you, so forfeit now and your pain will be satisfied with blissful penance.”

“No. Surrendering would mean to abandon all of my ambitions to reach my fulfillment of this quest, endangering the lives of further innocence in my leave. Your ultimatum means nothing to me for I won't die, not until I end this blight.”

He paused. “However...”

Both entities of the dark merely listened.

“What I fear isn't death. But...the mere shame of losing my life to lowly behemoths such as yourself. I will riddance the world of all darkness, starting with you. Take down the boss and the army crumbles!” Lushiro darted towards his foe, flexing his fingers once again to unleash the bludgeon claw.

“Wait.” The curse yelled out, pausing Lushiro during his momentum.


“Let's make a deal.” The curse grinned wickedly.
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