Quid Pro Quo

In the tub, where he’s been sitting for hours reminiscing, his whole face soaked in his own tears and his throat in pain from crying so much. He could hear in the background Frank Sinatra singing on some Christmas special CD” it’s lovely weather”. You have no idea of how much he hates Christmas carols, almost as much as he hates Christmas. Honestly only children and normal people can enjoy holidays. Jim stared into space with a black face, everything was blank. He smelled the bourbon from what his daughter had been drinking. Man he really loved her. But, she was a big girl, 19 years old. He stared at the gun in his hand. Then gun felt cold as he pressed it to his chin and dragged it to the right position, he wondered, if he’ d make a mess, hoping no one would find him. Hoping the pain would go away, hoping there was no heaven and there was no hell, that all there’d be would be blackness. He wondered, that’s all he ever seemed to do.
The gun fired and the bullet now rests deep within his brain. And Jim, he was now resting eternally.
Quid Pro Quo
Lisa, Jim’s daughter, didn’t find him dead, instead a nosy neighbor heard the gun shot and went to check on everyone and finally found him it was truly a horrible sigh, Christmas carols in the background , blood splattered all over the place and a gun in his hand. The ***** probably won’t sleep for the rest of her life; she deserves that, she always assed in to everything that was none of her ******* business.
Lisa wasn’t exactly the best daughter in the book, she was a parasite, and she was the most depressing thing you’ve seen probably even more depressing than Jim’s final scene. She always came in with bruises on her arms her hair a mess and reeking of cigarettes, I bet no one blames Jim for shooting himself, having to live and love someone like Lisa every day, must be hard.
Lisa’s grieving is quite more enjoyable than the old-fashioned, cry all day, and kill yourself eventually. She smoked, listened to bad music and every once in a while she’d take a knife and start puncturing the bed.
Lisa grew up without a mother, and her mom was the only stable one in the family, so naturally she dies first. She had this ***** for a friend who’s a nun she thinks that she is a big mother role for Lisa though Lisa really hates her, who did she think she was? Trying to replace her mother, So Lisa really never had a mom. And she was hoping that the old nun that pretended to be so would drop dead.
Lisa and her father were close, they were both problematic people. Lisa’s father has been an alcoholic for 18 years ever since Lisa’s mom had died, Lisa never truly experienced the rush of drugs or of booz, she does drink, but I wouldn’t say that she’s an alcoholic; instead she became a hooker for a while but not long ago, quit her “job”, for really no apparent reason.
She was now officially an orphan her mother had died in labor and her dad shot his brains out. All she had left was her uncle, who wasn’t even really her uncle; he was a good friend of her father’s, his is name Max, Lisa isn’t a big Max fan, then again, Lisa isn’t really a fan of anyone.
Now Lisa’s reaction to her father’s death seems a bit strange to me, but perhaps that’s just personal opinion.
Lisa went towards her dad’s apartment building, she saw an ambulance there. And they were moving out a body in a black bag. She didn’t assume anything radical. She went up the stairs towards their room, which was now her room. There were all sorts of people around it, when they noticed Lisa walk towards the apartment everyone grew quiet.
The looks on their faces were looks that Lisa had never seen before. “What the hell did these bastards smoke” She wondered. She went into the open apartment. All she could think is “What the hell?” An old man came out with a bloody towel, “It’s all clean in there” he announced. Then he spotted Lisa.
“Did they give you the news?” He asked. “What are you talking about?” Lisa asked. Lisa hadn’t figured it out, she was a smart girl, but perhaps her brain wasn’t allowing her to think such terrible things, no jumping to conclusions like an idiot. The old man sighed.
“Listen I don’t know what the hell is not going on here, nor who you are, just do me a favor and get out.” She said. “Ma’m I’m your neighbor, and we have horrible news.”He sighed deeply, more than he ever had in his pathetic uneventful life. “Your father is deceased.” He said. She just nodded. “I thought I told you to get out.” “But miss, please let us explain.” “I said get the **** out” She screamed. Everyone was on their way out. As the old man left he said to Lisa. “I’m sorry for your loss.” She didn’t reply. Her face hadn’t reacted yet. All the people wondered the same thing. What was wrong with that girl, she seemed to be fully fond of her father. Why did she show no apparent reaction?
She finally shut the door. Her eyes weren’t watering. But her stomach had turned inside out. She looked for a bottle of something. She found her dad’s half empty bottle of gin. She took a gulp and let it burn the crap out of her throat. Her throat was burning even after the effect of the gin. She went towards the sink and started throwing up her throat was on fire now.
She felt hot tears rolling down her cold cheeks up because of her throat hurting so badly. She sat in his chair for a while quietly trying hard to think of nothing. She picked up a picture of him. She sighed deeply. She knew what morgue he was in, the only one in town.
She was headed that way. She stopped for a second though and opened the drawer underneath the telephone and found the closest thing she had to kin, Max. She called him and told him about the news, his reaction was much more normal and he was obviously beyond upset and promised her that he’d be there tomorrow.
She walked her way to the subway. And got off at the third stop, her face was blank, surprisingly, strangely, scarily, blank, so blank, that I don’t know enough adjectives to describe it. Her dirty blond hair covered her pale freckly cheeks and her scary blue eyes they were hard to look at them we’re scary in some way, but beautiful as well, they almost looked like sapphires. She got off on the third stop.
She went to the hospital. She went up to the nurse. “I’ve been informed that my dad’s dead. I’m assuming he’s in the morgue, can I go see him?” “Yes she nodded, Selene will lead you there. Sorry for your loss” “Thank you she replied.” At least Lisa was being nice. The overweight redheaded nurse leaded Lisa. Lisa calmly followed.
They finally got to the morgue after about 3 minutes or so. “What’s your dad’s name?”She asked Lisa. “Jim Cline. “ She replied looking around the empty rooms. The nurse was going towards the left to open the drawer. “Wait, is it messy?” Lisa asked. “It’s not too bad.” “What killed him?” “Gunshot” “So it was murder?” “Suicide.” “Okay, show me the body.” Said Lisa then the lady pulled the drawer to expose her dead father on the table. The nurse was right; there was just a hole underneath his jaw, but they seemed to already clean it all out. Lisa was expecting to finally break down and cry. But all she could feel was some sort of disgust mixed with some sort of infiltrating anger, due to the fact that her moron father killed himself. “You can donate a body to the hospital right?” I asked. “Yes, you can.” “Well, it’s the hospital’s body now.”She said. Lisa signed some papers and it was all done.
She went home only to find that stupid nun I told you about was holding a memorial in her neighbor’s apartment tonight. It was only 5, she had an hour. She wondered for a second what that dyke nun would say when she finds that Lisa gave her father’s body to a hospital so med students could slice it up. She really didn’t give a crap though. She sighed and sat still on his chair, and couldn’t figure out how to feel. She had yet to cry. She wanted to cry very badly, but just couldn’t it was too many strange mixed emotions.
She heard the doorbell go off every 3 minutes or so, everyone kept bringing her pies and food, she wondered why the hell people gave food, is that supposed to make her feel better?
She picked at the broccoli lasagna the people from upstairs brought her it actually tasted pretty good and she was honestly sort of hungry but, for obvious reasons forgot about that. She looked at her cheap watch. It was almost six. She headed next door and left a note on the door of her apartment that read; At Gina’s place, for Jim’s memorial. And she left the door open cause she knew when she came back she’d find even more food and pies. At least she had free food for the rest of the week, and she wouldn’t have to cook for Max.
She walked into the memorial, though she hadn’t cried she kind of looked like she had, eyes looked quite red, but that was mainly because she was tired. Everyone said how sorry they were for their loss. She noted at her neighbor’s apartment the cheesy Christmas decorations, though you could tell that she was in the middle of taking it all down since her tree was in its box. Lisa though that putting them away was quite pointless, no one was planning on canceling Christmas just because the guy next door killed himself.
In the living room everyone crowded around the priest and she listened to him bullshit, she got sick of hearing it, so when no one was looking she evaded it all and walked towards the door. “I don’t blame him for killing himself I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of molesting my own daughter.” She overheard. She went towards the group of women she heard it from and smiled.
“Not that it’s any of your ******* business but my dad never, ever laid a hand on me, couldn’t say the same about any of your husbands.” She said with a big grin on her face. “Martha, if you’re planning on keeping your husband I’d try a little masochism, and Jenny pretty little Jenny, you’re husband loves it when I suck him off when his on the phone with you, he thinks you’re suck a little fool. And Hilary sweet little Hilary, your husband wears your underwear, it’s kind of disturbing, by the way, you might want to tell your mother to keep her panties away from him. Have a good day ladies.” She said smiling turning around. “What about my George he never has done such things with you right?” She asked hopefully. Lisa smiled. “You’d have to ask the transvestite on the next block.” The look on the women’s face, Lisa enjoyed it; she didn’t care about her reputation, she just wanted those 40 year old hags to shut up.
That was the best she had felt all day. She left and shut the door quietly. As she was walking down the hallway she ran in to one of her old clients, she happened to be rather fond of him. She knew he was going to be in trouble he was Martha’s husband.
He threw a dirty smile at her. She smiled back. She got close to him and played with his tie, “What are you doing tonight?” she asked him. “Nothing much” he replied feeling her thighs, as he softly bit his lips, in desire of her. “Come over to my place, you’re in trouble, and I wanna make it up to you” She said. “In trouble?” He asked. “Yes your wife knows.” She replied. His face didn’t change a bit. “So tonight at your place?” He asked. “Mhm” she replied.”What time?” “How about right now?” She asked. “Hell yes” he replied.
He glared around the hallways to check that there was no one there. Lisa had opened up her apartment to find 3 times as much food as there was than after she left, hell with all this she had a month’s worth of food. Somehow I guess some people think that food will relive the strange feeling of her father’s idiotic death. Sex, now that will relive it all.
“Do you have a scarf?” he asked. She had one hanging on the door hook; she took it and locked the door. She gave it to him. “Be a good girl and turn around okay?” He told her. If you don’t remember he’s the one that has a thing for masochist girls, I suppose that comes along with bondage, or maybe it was just one of his many sexual weird preferences. He tied the scarf around her head blinding her; the scarf was long enough so he tied her hands together. “You know what I want, *****” He said as he turned her around. Lisa didn’t really consider herself a masochist, or a submissive, but she was fond of him for some unknown reason.
She went down on him and then he spanked her and pulled her hair, and bit her, any sort of thing you could think of, till he finally screwed her.
When he was finished, and had let her finish, the both laid down naked on the carpet. Her body was sweaty and her breathing was heavy she put her head on his chest, “You too tired for another round?” He asked. “Give me about five minutes and I’ll ride you” She replied. “I thought you quit the business” He told her looking down at her almost angelic face, with her cute freckles that lay softly on her cheeks. “I’ll probably go back.” She replied. “Then I’ll probably go broke” He said with a smile.”Don’t you have a pimp?” “I’m nobody’s *****” She smiled at him. “Oh, but you’re my *****.” “Not out of bed.” He nodded “True. I’m not trying to mess up the mood but I’m sorry to hear about your dad, and I don’t blame you a bit about running out of the memorial.” He said. Lisa smiled. “Well aren’t you worried because of your wife?” “No.” “Why not?” “She slept with my older brother” “Sorry to hear” She said. She got on top of him; he put his hands on her big breasts. “Do you want me to **** you?” She asked him. “Yes” he replied. “Say it.” “Lisa, I want you to **** me.” He said. Though he sort of hesitated to cuss, he didn’t like it.
Joshua and Lisa had one on one consensual sex all night and Lisa woke up next to him on the couch.”Aren’t you supposed to be home?” “I can be wherever I want to be, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here.” He smiled. “How about some breakfast?” she asked him. “Sure” “Okay, let’s go see what food they’ve given me”. She said. Lisa found a pie and decided that it wouldn’t be that bad of a breakfast.
She reached over for a spoon and pulled two stools towards the kitchen counter.”Come here” She said looking toward him. He nodded. She made a face when the tasted the pie. “What?” He said slightly amused.” I was expecting strawberry, instead I got cherry.”She told him. “I think my wife baked this” “I bet she’ll be pleased to find out that we ate it after spending the night together.” She said in somewhat a sarcastic tone. “We’re married, legally, but we’re separated she just didn’t want to tell her friends. She’ll have to once I leave, believe I’m dying to.” He told her. He looked at the floor he wished he hadn’t said the word dying in front of her. She didn’t even notice though. “I have to pick my uncle up in like 30 minutes by the train station.” She said. “Oh, well that’s good to hear you have family I thought you and you’re dad we’re it” “He’s not kin, he’s, well was a close friend of my fathers. Hopefully he doesn’t get pissed when he hears I donated Jim’s body.” “What? Why would you do that, don’t you want to bury him?” “I’ve got no reason to burry that dumbass.” “Don’t you think he has the right to be buried like everyone else?” “Once you’re dead you aint got no rights, now please get out of my house “she said. He calmly walked out the door, at first he thought that perhaps she had a strange way of grieving, but all he could think now is that there was something seriously wrong with Lisa, though he already knew that.
Lisa bolted the door behind him and tossed out the cherry pie, and she took a bite out of the lasagna there and jumped into the shower, of course not in the bathroom where her dear father blew his brains out, she let the steaming hot water refresh her body, her hair felt heavy on her back and her eyes felt a bit dry. She stepped out of the shower pulled on clothes that were on the floor, faded a bit worn out jeans and a green shirt with a stupid eco logo thing on it. She pulled her purse of the counter and pulled on her cheap white fake fur coat. And let her hair fall loose and she went out the door.

She waited by the train station, she never really liked Max though, but she for some reason considered his feelings towards her father. It was about three minutes till he would arrive. She watched the people leaving the train station, tears and laughs and, she thought it was all pathetic, and a bit nauseating, too much crap and mushiness.
Max’s train was in the station, she sighed and waited for him, she sort of remembered what he looked like he had a scruffy beard short straight hair, it’s color lost somewhere in between blonde and brown. Though he wasn’t blood related to Lisa they both had the same eyes except his eyes we’re kind of beady unlike Lisa’s big almost perfect eyes. Lisa raided the station for him she couldn’t find him she sighed and gave up about 5 minutes later. She sensed someone beside her, she looked up, he had shaved his beard, and in Lisa’s opinion he kind of looked weird.”Hey” she said almost through her teeth.” “Hey kid how are you holding up?” “I’m fine “She replied. He couldn’t think of anything to say to her, if she would have said terrible or bad perhaps he could have attempted to comfort her. He stared at her for a minute he hadn’t seen her since she was fifteen, she had really grown up, her face looked a bit slimmer but the rest of her body looked about the same, height wise she was the same too. He gazed into her blue, now empty eyes. “We should go home or eat or something “He told her. “I hate going out to eat; it’s just an excuse to talk. Let’s just go home, my neighbors gifted me enough food for a month” She replied, walking out of the train station and approaching the stairs without even attempting to meet her uncle’s gaze and confirm that was really him, she kind of didn’t care. She lifted her legs up the stairs her legs hurt a bit though for some reason. She managed to walk home fine though it was a convenient location it was no more than 5 minutes away from the train station. Max followed faithfully behind Lisa and wondered if she was always this cold, he remembered her being a bit mean, but never this distant to everything and everyone surrounding her, it was like she had died.
They finally reached her apartment she stepped on what sounded was paper; she picked It up and just put it on the counter. Max wasn’t the nosy type but he looked over at what the slip of paper was. It was a 10 thousand dollar check. His jaw merely dropped.
“This is for you” He said looking towards her. She just sat there in her father’s chair. “I know this guy I ******* he wrote it out for me, but, I didn’t ask him to.” “You sold your self to him?” “No, I just ****** him, he’s the one giving me money it’s not my problem.” “Maybe it’s a grief gift or something.” “Seems like everyone is grieving over me instead of my dumb *** father.” She replied, just staring into space, it was annoying it was like you we’re talking to a machine. “Why, do you call your father such things, have some respect for him, lord knows you don’t have any for yourself, just take a look at yourself, It seems with time you just get worse and worse.” He said. No answer. He sighed.” I’m taking a shower” He said.
Lisa got up, she felt stiff and she looked at the 10 thousand dollar check, she wondered if she should take it, she only would if there were no strings attached. She’d take it and run, where she wasn’t really sure but she would. Beside the check was a meatloaf she grabbed some of it and put it on two plates and found cheesy potatoes that her neighbor always gave her and put them in the microwave. By the time Max was out there was food on the table. He didn’t ask any questions he just ate. The potatoes tasted a bit old but neither of them said anything. “When we’re done we can go to the morgue” She said. Finally actually saying something to him directly this surprised him a bit, he swallowed his food and looked into her pretty dead eyes. “Yeah that’d be a good idea he replied.” She didn’t reply. It was quiet. He found it awkward and uncomforting while as Lisa didn’t mind it at all.
“Quid Pro Quo” He said to her. “Hu?” Lisa asked, wondering what the hell he meant. “It means you give me something I’ll give you something.” He replied. “You can take all of dad’s stuff “She said. “No, not material wise, I’m going to talk to you and you will listen and pretend to care and answer back, and I won’t mention Jim. Quid Pro Quo?” he asked. “Yeah sure” She answered back. “Well did you make any of this food?” he asked. “No, it was all my neighbors” She said just looking at him; she didn’t really do a good job at pretending to care, so she decided just to look at him when he spoke.
“Well, I remember the last time you came down to visit me. You cooked for me; you **** pretty well, better than your neighbors.” He said. She fake smiled, it felt like so long since she had smiled. “Thank you, I try my best”. She said. “You’re welcome”. Max finally decided to shut up, since the small talk was more awkward than the silence.
He got up and washed the dishes for her. She knew how much of an emotional personal Max tended to be. “Thank you “She said looking into his eyes, they looked just like hers. She hugged him. He squeezed her close. He let go. “We better get going before they close the morgue” “The morgue is in the hospital, hospitals never close.” She told him. “Well, still we better get going.” He told her.
They walked through the rain and reached the hospital which was about a 20 minute walk away. Lisa walked up to the receptionist. “I’m here to see my father, he’s in the morgue” She said. “Please wait one moment I’ll have someone to you.” The same lady that showed Lisa to her father last time was there. “You again? Did you regret your decision?” She asked. “no my uncle is just here to see the body” They all walked towards the morgue. Max hissed in her ear. “What decision?” “I donated his body” “Why?” “I can’t afford a funeral, and plus, who other than you and me would go?” “Don’t you think he deserves one” “It’s not in anyone’s right, and if it is, do you really think he cares, he’s dead.” She whispered back to him.
The lady opened the drawer. Lisa’s eyes, they were indescribable, they we’re full of hate and Max’s we’re full of sadness and some sort of regret. Lisa found herself drawing twice as many breaths as usual. Her lungs felt too big for her chest. A single tear flowed down her cheek; her face grew red, in some sort of a hurricane of emotions. She was crying, So much that Max grabbed her and held her against his wet tee-shirt, mainly to cover the noise.
Max suddenly understood Lisa. “He killed himself didn’t he?”He asked the nurse. The nurse just nodded. “Lisa “he whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry I snapped at you. Cry all you want” He said sweetly into her ear, unsure though, if whether or so she could hear him through all of her heavy sobbing. Max, he finally understood whets wrong with her. Of course she was dead, emotionally. She had shut down, she felt useless, she felt as though she wasn’t a good enough daughter and wanted to die, but the only way she could find herself to do it is emotionally. He let her come back from the dead in her arms; he could literally feel the anger and sorrow. It was true what she said, that everyone was morning for her, including him. It pained him to understand in how much pain she was in.
Her head rested softy on his shoulder now. He kissed her cheek softly. They walked home together, she might have been sad and her pretty blue eyes might have been drenched in tears but, at least she was alive.
“We should go through my dad’s stuff, see if there is stuff you want or I want or charity or something.” She told him when they arrived. “Okay sounds like a plan” “But I have to go talk to someone first.” She told him as she picked up the check. He just nodded. She headed outside towards Joshua’s apartment she knocked on the door. Her wife answered. “What the hell do you want?” She asked her. “I have to talk to your husband” I told her. “Joshua” She yelled down towards the hall. “What the hell do you want” “Not me Lisa is here to see you” She yelled back. “Tell her to come in.” He said. “Come in I guess” “No, please make him come I just want a moment to speak with him.” She nodded. “You heard the girl Joshua” “I’m moving, I’m moving.” He replied She left the door, “Thanks ma’m” Lisa told her. She rolled her eyes at her. Josh stood at the frame of the door. “Hey, I see you got my gift.” “I’ll accept your gift as long as there are no strings attached.” “None, I swear. I figured, if maybe you wanted to lay low for a while you know hit another town.” He said. “Yeah, thanks. It’ll help a lot.” “Bye” He said as she walked away. “Bye and thanks” she told him.
She might of seemed a bit less gloomy but , she was still dead , just no one seemed to let her rest in peace, so she walked around like a robot , a zombie a soulless creature searching for Nirvana. She headed back to her apartment.
There sat Max in her father’s chair his eyes matching hers, full of a strange feeling. In his hand was a envelope with blood on it. “You got a paper cut? I can put Neosporin on it” She offered. “Your dad cut himself” “I thought you we’re going to wait for me” She said she took a good glance across the apartment, everything was upside down even his sports equipment were scattered all along the floor. It looked like Max was desperately searching for that envelope.
“What is in it?” She asked. “Proof, that your father didn’t die” he replied. “Are you ****** up in the head? Did you get dropped as infant? You have to be kidding me, less than two hours ago you saw him dead in a morgue. He shot himself, and he left nothing, not a letter or a note he just left me” She snapped. Her guts churned. “Give me the ******* envelope” She screamed. “No” he yelled back. She felt a strange adrenaline go through her body. She knew the reason he died was in that envelope. She starred at the dark blood on the envelope. “Quid Pro Quo” He mumbled. “I’m listening.” “I’ll give you the envelope if you tell me how you feel about me?” He told her.
“I’m sorry I don’t **** a looser, right now the only thing I feel is frustrated, give me the envelope” “The reason I asked was because, I want to know, because you’re my little girl now” He mumbled back. “She ripped the letter out of his hand. She gave him her back and walked towards the corner and sat on the floor next to her father’s sports equipment. She opened the envelope and she stared at the bloody letter it was from a clinic she sat on the coffee table and read it .She stared at it In confusion. She read aloud. “based on the on the results from 15 genetic systems shown bellow, Jim Cline is excluded from being the biological father of Lisa Cline because they only share 3 of the 13 genetic systems analyzed” She picked up the bat from the floor, the was another page. It was another DNA test. How the hell did they get her blood? She never agreed on to this.
She read the next one aloud gripping tightly at the base of the baseball bat.” based on the results from 15 genetic systems shown bellow, Max Woods is not excluded from being the biological father of Lisa Cline because they share alleles for all 15 of the genetic systems analyzed.”
She threw the letter on the floor and spit at it. “Lisa I am your father” “You are no such thing, you’re just the reason he’s dead, and to top it all off you ****** my mom” She snapped at him still gripping oh so very hard at the baseball bat. Her nails were digging into her own palm.
“Lisa, this man left you, the only reason he put up with your crap was because he thought you were his daughter, I knew it right from the beginning look at me and look at you, the hair , the eyes , even the sound we make when we raise our voice. We’re blood Lisa, like it or not. He didn’t give a **** for you. I did” “Oh really?” She asked raising an eyebrow?” “You have no idea of who I even am” “My daughter, a former hooker, who is emotionally retarded.” He snapped back. They certainly had the same temper. “You knew all along that this was the reason didn’t you? You’re a sick son of a *****” “I’m a sick son of a *****? I’m sorry it wasn’t my mother that ****** us both” “Yeah and my father would never want to **** me, remember Max when I was 14 in your house the way you’d stare at me, the way you spoke to me. You knew all along I was kin yet all you want to do is rape me” She said walking closer. “Now the way you interpret things is not my problem it’s not my fault that all you think of is sex, that bastard Jim didn’t know how to raise you, he raise a *****” She stood above him with the bat still in her hands and Max in her father’s chair. “Quid Pro Quo” She hissed. “What? You want to make a deal with me? This will be interesting.” “Oh it’s to die for Daddy” She said staring into his scary blue eyes. She lifted the bat and swung at his shin causing him to bleed a bit and his voice to increment. “What the **** are you doing you sick ****?” He screamed in agony. “You you do sound like me when you raise your voice. “Max, daddy, Quid Pro Quo, you get to die and I get to smack the crap out of you” She said. He struggled to get up and she smashed the bat across the other shin. “Now I wonder what this type of attitude comes from. Mommy or Daddy?” She asked sinically. She lifted the bat smacked the left side of his head, scream, agony, it was sort of hard to hear in the hall though, the walls we’re pretty thick cause of the hard winters they get. Max was still breathing he struggled to get out of her father’s chair he fell to the floor struggled for the phone. She walked towards him. “Max, I thought we had a deal. Let me put you out of your misery.” She hissed. He had just picked up the phone he had dialed 911. “Nine one one what’s your emergency,” she heard the voice. She smacked the other side of Max’s head, he was definitely dead.
Lisa picked up the phone. “Oh I’m sorry I just helped my uncle out see he was choking he’s alright now. “ “We’ll send an ambulance and check on him anyway.” “That’s quite unnecessary” she said. The lady over the phone sighed. “Fine have a good day.” “Same to you, oh, and have yourself a wonderful Christmas” She pulled the chord out of the phone. Finally, she could rest in peace.
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